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China is heating up repression in Tibet during Saka Dawa

Saka Dawa is said to be one of the most important holy months in Tibetan Buddhism. Sadly, China has been stepping up repression during the Saka Dawa religious festival in Tibet reported the Central Tibetan Administration on June 2, 2014.
Reports from Tibet indicate that Chinese authorities are making every effort to restrict the number of devotees and tourists congregating at Mount Kailash during Saka Dawa.

Images of Buddha

On the 15th day of the fourth month of the Tibetan lunar calender, which falls this year on June 13, Saka Dawa is celebrated. This day is very sacred for Buddhists because the Buddha was born, received enlightenment and achieved Pari-Nirvana on this day. A source says the government officials in the Tibet Autonomous Region have been ordered by the Chinese authorities not to take their annual leave from the month of April to September this year. Any government official who is found taking leave during these months will be dismissed from their posts according to this source.

There has been similar restrictions placed on other Tibetans in Tibet. There are also no new or renewing passports being issued to Tibetans by China. Tibetans who already have passports have been requested to submit them back to the authorities. Tibetans who do not follow these guidelines will face deprivation of their basic legal rights.

The Saka Dawa Festival day is the most important holy day in Tibetan Buddhism reports Ananda Dharma Center. At this time all Buddhists perform purification and multiple merit accumulating activities. Such activities may include releasing fish back to the sea. It is felt the most beneficial activity at the time of Saka Dawa would be generating the mind of Bodhichitta with meditation. It is devastating for Tibetans and their friends worldwide to witness China cracking down on Tibetan freedoms during the holy time of Saka Dawa.

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