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China greenbuilder investing $1 billion in US

On August 25, 2014, China based Landsea Group announced its intent to invest over $1 billion in the United States housing market. It already has begun 3 projects in New York, San Francisco and the city of its U.S. headquarters, Los Angeles. Plans are for the next sites to be in Boston and Washington, D.C. The projects will be built by local companies using domestic materials to American tastes.

Founded in 2001 by Tian Ming who is Chairman of Landsea, the company has become a prime green builder in China using rainwater retention systems and passive geothermal heating and cooling in its homes. In December 2012, Landsea Technology and the German Energy Agency (Dena) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Beijing for cooperating in planning, design and construction of energy efficient and passive energy-saving buildings. Holding 137 building technology patents and winning Chinese and international awards for sustainable construction designs, Landsea is building green housing for the aged in Germany where it has a research center. It is a founding member of the China Green Building Council, and member of the German Sustainable Building Council and the US Green Building Council.

In April 2014, the physicist, structural engineer and founder of German Passive House Institute, Dr. Wolfgang Feist, visited Landsea's Brooke Passive House project in the Changxing County of Zhejiang Province. After detailed inspections of the project's structure, insulation, ventilation, sunshade and air tightness, he called it a very successful passive house project. He noted it is more difficult in China due to heat and humidity whereas cooling and dehumidification are not issues in Germany. The project well passed its final air tightness test to be classified a passive house and Landsea proved itself in green building.

As part of Landsea USA's business profile, "Landsea also considers the Chinese clients’ needs for overseas properties. Properties developed by Landsea in the USA boast excellent school district resources, wonderful municipal facilities and life facilities necessary for the Chinese people." It adds the communities are for higher income people most of whom are well-educated in first-tier cities chosen based on developed economies.

Mentioning in its website description of the San Francisco project in the actual city of Dublin, it describes the city as the one "in California whose population [is] growing the second fastest and has numerous job opportunities. The Asian population takes nearly 30% of the total." The LA project description says, "Close to the community there are large chain supermarkets such as TARGET, organic food supermarket and life and commercial facilities for the Chinese."

Landsea must be aware that they cannot promote "Asian" or "Chinese" in their U.S. advertising. It is illegal in the United States under the Federal Fair Housing Act to redline or direct homeseekers to a neighborhood based on race or national origin such as mentioning "Asian" or "Chinese".

In an August 2012 news conference on Landsea's "Deep Green" Strategy, Ming explained, "In the next 40 years, the aging population of China will keep growing, and in 10 years time, the common residential housing market will stop growing." This may help explain Landsea's move into the American housing market where Ming, now touring the U.S. building project sites, said, "...there is no better housing market than the United States, where home ownership will always be a part of the American Dream and a cornerstone of economic prosperity." Landsea revenues in 2013 were $1.85 billion.

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