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China earthquake: Magnitude 6.8 earthquake rocks China

China earthquake: Magnitude 6.8 earthquake rocks China.
China earthquake: Magnitude 6.8 earthquake rocks China.
CC cenralasiatraveller, flickr

China earthquake of magnitude 6.8 shook the far western area of Xinjiang. The area is not heavily populated and it is not yet known if there are injuries or casualties. According to Fox News on Feb. 12, the China Earthquake Networks Center measured the quake at magnitude 7.3.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude-6.8 quake was centered 168 miles east-southeast of Hotan at a depth of 7.7 miles.

This China earthquake was said to have resulted in at least 20 aftershocks. Officials later said that older homes were damaged as a result but luckily no casualties had been reported yet. The temblor was epicentered in Yuitan county, a very mountainous area which experienced an even more powerful quake 6 years ago.

China earthquake was epicentered in a region many thousands of feet above sea level on the edge of a desert. In 2008 another earthquake measuring magnitude 7.2 also struck in the same area. It resulted in property damage, but no injuries.

The worst China earthquake in recent times occurred in 2008 in the Sichuan province. In the aftermath of this devastating quake some 90,000 people were dead or missing as a result.

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