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China authorities seize 2400 dogs from five trucks headed to slaughter

China authorities seize 2400 dogs from five trucks headed to slaughter-slide0

The largest seizure of dogs this week from five trucks heading to slaughter in China has resulted in the rescue of 2,400 dogs according to the Humane Society International.

One of the dogs rescued; almost all of the 2,400 dogs have already been adopted.

"Widespread dog theft was implicated, as many of the dogs were wearing collars. Shockingly, one was even wearing a tag showing that he was a service dog for police. In another news-making story, one of the dogs was miraculously reunited with her family after they saw a photo on social media," stated the HSI's news release.

Thanks to a post on Weibo, when a humane advocate spotted a truck full of dogs packed in open air cages along the Jingha Expressway (Beijing-Harbin), rescuers quickly coordinated rescue organizations and citizens in numerous cars and vehicles to surround the truck. The first truck carried 400 dogs; subsequent capture of four more trucks yielded the most rescued dogs ever. Most have already been adopted, and others have been given emergency help and sent on to Qian'an Hebe for care and shelter.

Unfortunately one truck was able to escape.

Click here to watch the video of the most emotional and heartwarming rescues as the dogs, many in complete shock that humans can be so kind, are vetted, fed, and caressed.

More than 400 activists from Beijing and over 1,000 volunteers stepped up to help these dogs; many of the dogs were fortunate enough to have been adopted on the spot as the news media spread the fantastic news.

Even better, not one cent was paid to any of the truckers who continued to insist they wanted to be reimbursed for their "cargo." Authorities charged them with false reporting, lack of proper documentation, and no health certificates.

More help is still needed. Please click here how you can add to the rescue efforts.

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