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China Anne McClain talks her win on ABC's "Sing Your Face Off"!

McClain starred in the feature film Grown Ups 2.
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Sing Your Face Off” has a winner and its China Anne McClain! The singer and actress had been a solid competitor week after week on the ABC reality musical competition that featured celebrities portraying various musical icons. Rhianna and Whitney Houston were a couple of the artists McClain took on throughout her journey on the series. Best known for her role in Tyler Perry's "House of Payne" and for her starring role on the Disney Channel hit show "A.N.T. Farm", McClain is also a member of the musical group McClain, which includes her two sisters. I recently spoke with the talented star on her experience on “Sing Your Face Off”, what her valuable moment from the show was, as well as what fans can expect from her tour this summer!

Congrats on winning Sing Your Face Off! What was going through your mind right before they announced your name?

China- I was thinking if I win, I am literally going to pass out on this floor! Then when they called my name I was telling myself not to pass out over and over again!

Other than winning, what was a stand out moment for you from this competition?

China- Definitely portraying Whitney Houston. She is a huge inspiration for me and I was truly honored to be given the opportunity to portray her.

How would you say you grew as a person and artist from your journey on "Sing Your Face Off"?

China- I would definitely say that I grew as a person in general from my time on "Sing Your Face Off". It was one of the greatest risks I have ever taken doing this show and challenging myself as a performer and as an actress and it taught me to take chances because it could be totally worth it in the end.

What initially inspired you to do the show?

China- The idea of the show in general was very interesting and original to me so that sparked my interest immediately. However, I was still apprehensive about doing it because I was scared of the challenge. I owe my parents big time because they told me that I should take the chance and do it!

You took on Rihanna- was that challenging taking on someone so popular and successful?

China- It was very challenging because Rihanna has a very distinctive, mysterious vibe that is really hard to mimic. Everyone loves her so I was feeling the pressure with that one.

I know that you're also an actress- do you have a dream role you would love to play someday?

China- I would love to play strong female leads like Angelina Jolie often does. There are also people who I dream of working with like Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Jared Leto, etc.

Do you have any upcoming acting projects that fans should look out for?

China- I do have a very cool Disney TV movie coming out in August called How To Build A Better Boy. The cast is awesome and the movie is action packed & exciting. You won't wanna miss this one! Also, I'm currently taking a little break from acting, not intentionally, to focus on my music career with my sisters, so new things will be coming soon!

You and your sisters, McCLAIN, are going on tour this summer. What is your first stop and what can fans expect?

China- We are performing live at the House of Blues in Anaheim on June 29th! So if you're in the area, or at Disneyland maybe, get tickets and come meet us! We'd love to see you there! We are doing a ton of shows this summer all around the country! Lots of fair dates. It's going to be a lot of fun! Hope to see some of you there!

Keep up with China McClain and her group on Twitter:

@ChinaMcClain @McClain

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