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Chimichanga Talk - Where Geek Comes To Hang

Photo credit: Chimichanga Talk
Photo credit: Chimichanga Talk
Photo credit: Chimichanga Talk

Nowadays it seems like everyone has their own podcast, but there are a few among them that excel in their given genre. One of the most entertaining geeky podcasts at the moment is Chimichanga Talk, which covers all things geek, from comics and novels to video games and movies.

Created by the hosts “Deadpool Speaks” and “The Great Wang”, Chimichanga Talk has included an array of guests from Michael Rooker (Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy) to Lloyd Kaufman (creator of The Toxic Avenger). The geek label may be a broad term, but thanks to the wide range of subjects covered in these podcasts, any geek is bound to find his or her passion or interest on this page.

Other than providing sound and detailed geek news, Chimichanga Talk also shares their personal collection of funny viral videos and upcoming events that true geek at hearts simply can’t miss out on! The most recent event was Pensacon 2014, which is like a mini-version of the grand Comic-Con, but it includes all sorts of genres such as Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comics, Horror, Anime and Gaming. In other words, it provides a place where people can geek out and be proud of it!

If fans want to show some love for their favorite podcast hosts, they can even purchase customized Chimi-Swag T-shirts and bumper stickers, which include hilarious slogans such as “I had fun with Wang...and all I got was this lousy T-shirt”!

Want to see them live? Their next event will be Alt*Con April 12th and 13th, 2014. They can be heard weekly, with new shows being released every Friday on their website and via iTunes.