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Chime headed to Steam and adds Portal's 'Still Alive'

Chime from Zoe Mode is a unique charity driven game that originally debuted on Xbox LIVE earlier this year.  The initiative from OneBigGame sends proceeds from sales of the game to charity partners Starlight Children’s Foundation and Save the Children.  Now it headed to Windows PCs via Steam and will include a level based on the hit "Still Alive" song from Valve's hit Portal.

Chime is a music and puzzle game that's probably best described as a cross between Lumines and Tetris.  We reviewed the game back when it was released for Xbox LIVE and recommend it not only because of its price and because it benefits charity but because it is a fun game as well.

“We are very pleased with Chime’s performance on Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 and want to thank Zoe Mode for their creativity and generosity,” said Martin de Ronde, Director of OneBigGame. “The game has proven to be a great fund-raiser, a quality game in its own right and possibly the basis for a unique, new franchise for Zoe Mode beyond our exclusivity period.”

”Valve’s generous donation of Portal's classic "Still Alive" is another great bonus for which we’re very grateful.”, continued de Ronde. “The PC version of the game features all the great tracks from the original version and now also offers fans of Chime and fans of the original Portal soundtrack the opportunity to sample this song in Chime’s unique remixing game mechanics”

Ed Daly, Managing Director of Zoe Mode, added, “We are proud to have been able to kick start the unique fund-raising initiative that is OneBigGame and are very pleased with Chime’s impact. Because of the success, we were really keen to broaden Chime as a franchise by releasing a Windows PC version. We also want to continue supporting OneBigGame beyond the exclusivity period and have decided to donate a percentage of the royalties of any future Chime title we make. Finally, we’re proud to work with Valve on the Portal soundtrack level for Chime and have done our utmost to ensure the new level is one of the best yet for Chime.”

5 percent of the purchase price of royalties of Chime for Windows PC will be donated to OneBigGame. Chime for Windows PC will be released this summer via Steam. 100 percent of the proceeds from the Xbox LIVE Arcade version of Chime for Xbox 360 have already benefited OneBigGame during a period that ran from February 1st through to June 1st.

Chime is currently due out on Valve's Steam store on September 6.  Check out the screenshots and video of the PC version in the image gallery.


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