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Chilly highs, U.P. storms, shipwrecks and record rain

Radar image 6:01 PM 9 August 2004
Radar image 6:01 PM 9 August 2004

Chilly highs, U.P. storms, shipwrecks and record rain top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service and Storm Prediction Center (SPC) archives here are the events that happened on August 9.

Almanac 9 August 2014
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

1862 - The wood schooner, 3-mast Oriole, while carrying iron ore, was rammed broadside by the upbound sidewheeler Illinois and cut in two. Illinois, in danger of sinking, made for Munising, while Oriole was left behind to founder quickly several miles NE of Grand Island, off Munising, MI in Lake Superior. The accident happened in fog. Oriole had passengers aboard, 3 of who were lost. Bound Marquette for Erie, PA. The 1 survivor drifted 35 hours in a yawl, then was rescued by the steamer Globe. The Illinois, which had proceeded on her upward voyage after ascertaining that she was not, in fact, sinking, was subject of much angry criticism. 10-13 people lost their lives in this collision.

1886 - The wood steam tug George Hand was working over the wreck of Canadian prop Algoma at Little Schooner Island off Isle Royale, when she was blown ashore. Abandoned to underwriters, but later recovered.
1958 - An F1 tornado touched down in the late afternoon 5.2 miles west of Iron River just east of Lake Ottawa in Iron County.

1964 - Less than a week after hitting 100° the temperature plummets to a record cold 38° at Lansing and 43° at Grand Rapids. Muskegon went from 99° on the 3rd to a low of 40° this morning.

1994 - Cool weather prevails for several days with low humidity and high temperatures only in the 60s. Record cool maximum temperatures are observed at Grand Rapids with 69°, Lansing, where the high on this date is only 64° and Flint with a chilly 63°.

1998 - A severe thunderstorm brought two 6-8 inch diameter trees down 1 mile south of Palmer in the mid-evening.

2001 - A heat wave from the 5th through the 9th resulted in temperatures pushing well up into the 90s. On the 6th, the excessive heat caused at least 200 people to seek medical attention. The peak of the heat wave came on the 8th when temperatures reached a record high 99° in Detroit. Alpena sees a record high of 96° on this day of

2004 - Six-inch thick branches were broken off and a flag was ripped off a flagpole at Gladstone during a severe thunderstorm in the midafternoon and several large trees were knocked down 2 miles northwest of Gladstone. A strong upper disturbance and cold front triggered numerous showers and thunderstorms over Michigan's Upper Peninsula during the afternoon and early evening. Some of the storms east of Iron Mountain and Marquette became severe, dropping large hail and producing damaging winds in Menominee, Marquette, and Delta Counties. Hail as large as golf balls fell just south of Harvey in Marquette County under the most intense thunderstorm. Click here for a radar loop of the storms on this day. The attached slideshow has a few severe weather maps for the day.

2005 - A cold front advancing through a moist and unstable air mass triggered a severe thunderstorm squall line which tore through much of west and central Upper Michigan on the morning and early afternoon. The squall line produced widespread damage to large trees and power lines. The Upper Peninsula Power Company estimated around 175 customers in the Witch Lake area of western Marquette County were without power due to the storms. Power outages and several trees were down in Watersmeet in a severe thunderstorm in the mid-morning. Six-inch diameter tree snapped and 12-inch diameter tree blown over on Turner Road 9 miles east of Channing with gusts up to 81 mph in a severe thunderstorm. 86 mph wind gusts out of a severe thunderstorm blew numerous trees down on Highway US-41 2 miles south of Trenary in the late morning. One lane of the highway was blocked. A 69 mph wind gust brought power lines down and a 65-foot maple tree down 9 miles southwest of Munising. A 92 mph wind gust 4 miles northeast of Trenary caused numerous trees to be blown down on Forest Highway H05. Trees blocked north and south bound lanes and stranded vehicles between the trees. Numerous trees were down in Perkins and Brampton and several 6-8 inch diameter trees were down in Escanaba. Numerous trees were down on power lines on the Stonington Peninsula. The squall line reached eastern Upper Michigan early in the afternoon, producing pockets of wind damage. Several pine trees lost large limbs in Eckerman in Chippewa County and trees and power lines were downed at Raber. Click here for a radar loop of the storms on this day. The attached slideshow has a few severe weather maps for the day

2009 - A low pressure trough moving through a moist and humid airmass triggered thunderstorms across Upper Michigan on the morning of the 9th. Several locations saw heavy rain from the storms and a few storms caused wind damage in Marquette County. A 12 to 18 inch diameter jack pine tree was knocked down across Townline Road and numerous other small branches were down along the road 2 miles south southwest of Harvey at 0300 EST and several large tree branches were down along Highway M-35 north of County Road 492 4 miles east of Negaunee. An observer 6.7 miles southeast of Ontonagon measured 1.93 inches of rain in 2 hours. A thunderstorm brings damaging downburst winds estimated at 70 to 75 mph to Muskegon County. The storm strikes Hoffmaster State Park and Fruitport, downing dozens of trees and causing some damage to homes. The storms continue into Kent County, hitting Kent City and Sparta. Another severe thunderstorm produces a downburst that blows part of the roof off a school in Jackson. Numerous roads were flooded and closed. The most significant road damage was M 53 south of Imlay City which was washed out and had to be closed for about 10 days. Over two dozen homes were also damaged due to the flooding. A local state of emergency was declared. Five to eight inches of rain falling within a 30 hour period lead to widespread flooding across southern Lapeer County. A few reported rainfall totals include, 7.4 inches in Almont, 6.3 inches in Imlay City, and 5.65 inches in Lapeer. Click here for a radar loop of the storms on this day. The attached slideshow has a few severe weather maps for the day.

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