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Chilly chugging to Window Rock - Part 1

Chilly, but we chugged along
Chilly, but we chugged along
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One of the things I keep on my desk at my "day job" is a list of ten things to do to reduce daily stress. One of the things on the list is "always have something to look forward to." For the last six weeks I have been looking forward to a trip to the American Indian reservation at Window Rock, AZ.

I actually took a day off from work and gave myself a three day weekend and headed out. I was a little, actually a lot, apprehensive about what was going to transpire at our destination.

My riding partner and I were suppose to meet up with a Shaman on "the rez" to do a sweat and possibly some other types of ceremonies. I was excited about the sweat and the ceremonies, but apprehensive because I was informed that the Shaman may or may not show up. I also found at the last minute that we may or may not have shelter. I was OK with that, sort of, sleeping in the arroyo somewhere...but I was not totally thrilled about it.

Nevertheless at eight AM we met at Java Joe's to get caffeined up and make our final preparations. After making sure our caffeine levels were correct we headed south on I-25 toward Albuquerque then head west on I-40 toward Gallup, NM.

It was a long, mostly boring ride as the slab from Albuquerque to Gallup is more reminicent of southern New Mexico to wit dry, brown and boring. At Gallup we turned north on US 491 (Previously US 666) and things began to get more interesting. Large, oddly shaped rocks and red buttes normally associated with norther New Mexico began to appear.

As we grew close to our destination there were some large stones that were more intriguing than the others appeared in the distance..


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