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Chilly air vacationing in Florida

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The other day, forecasts called for three cold fronts to pass through Florida this week. Two have already done so. A third is on track for a passage early on Saturday (Jan. 18, 2014). Now, a fourth cold front is readying itself for an arrival here by the middle of next week (Fig. 1). The entire cold front family seems to be heading to south Florida for winter vacation!

Whatever warmth southwest Florida has amassed so far this month (as of Jan. 15, 2014, the monthly average temperature was 3.3 degrees above average in Naples) will soon be gone. Forget the near 80 and higher temperatures the area experienced from Jan. 9 -14, 2014; the mercury, starting today (Jan. 16, 2014), will be ranging between 8 and 12 degrees below seasonal average each day for the next week and beyond. For example, the high temperature today should only touch 60 degrees (the average high is about 75 degrees). Tomorrow morning’s low temperature will be in the upper 30’s in Naples proper (possibly near freezing in interior locations). The average seasonal low is near 55 degrees. A freeze watch has been posted for inland locations tonight and Friday morning.

Overnight low temperatures across southwest Florida will remain well below average until Tuesday morning, when they briefly rise to near seasonal values. Daytime highs will be well below average until Monday and Tuesday before tumbling back to well below average readings.

Given the trajectory of the cold fronts and the wind flow around the high-pressure system that follows them into the Deep South, look for dry weather across southwest Florida throughout the week-long forecast period. There will be periods of cloudiness, especially during the day, when solar heating does its handiwork and cumulus clouds dot the skies. A few showers could pass through the area with the cold front during the upcoming mid-week.

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