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Chillin' aboard the limited edition Blizzard Class Sloop

If you still haven't purchased your very own Blizzard Class Sloop, there is no need to panic! You've still got about two weeks to decide if you want one. So let's take a look at one and see if we can't tempt you to lay down some pieces of eight...

Don't mind me. I'll just sit here in the dark...
YPP / Three Rings

The Blizzard Class Sloop is especially suited to those pirates who sigh wistfully when those delicate winter seasonal touches melt away. Sure, the ice may leave the rigging and the seas may return to their usual darker blue, but the snowballs and igloos aboard the Blizzard Class Sloop are forever. So decrees Figurehead Jack Frost!

In fact, the only warm spot upon the ship is the cabin, whose decorations include a bearskin rug, a fireplace, and a wooden vat full of golden mead (of the sort you would otherwise need to purchase with Viking trinkets at a Trading Post).

Followers of this blog will be pleased to know that unlike on the Celestial Class Sloop, the lights in the Blizzard Class Sloop's cabin and hold actually work. It's up to you whether that makes up for the lack of snowballs you can actually throw, or fireplace you can actually light and lounge in front of.

(Really, the very small amount of interactable furnishings is one of the few drawbacks of this game. In an ideal world, the snow forts would be associated with avatar poses as in the game Second Life. "Hide behind," perhaps, or "Stand on top of". An ideal world would also include unlimited developer time in which these features could be created, and extra pay for all the developers involved.)

Probably the cutest thing aboard the ship is the Yeti doll reclining on top of an ice block in the prow. This little seasonal item is gone from the shoppes for now, but you get one with every Blizzard Class Sloop. (I don't think you can pick it up and take a portrait with it, though.)

You have until February 12 to order a Blizzard Class Sloop of your own. On the Cerulean Ocean, you can pick one up for about 50K, depending on the shoppe or stall you patronize. On Meridian I've seen them for some 75K plus the 40-doubloon delivery fee. (Prices only partially driven by the cost of manufacture, of course.) If you're low on funds, you can undoubtedly make up some of the difference during this weekend's blockades. Good luck!

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