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Chill out with new personal and table fans to keep cool this summer

The Chillout portable fan can be powered by both USB cord or AC adaptor.
The Chillout portable fan can be powered by both USB cord or AC adaptor.

With temperatures soaring this summer, it can be challenging to keep cool. Even if air conditioning is available, sometime it’s still not cool enough. Or perhaps it’s a warm day but not hot enough to warrant turning on the air conditioner so opened windows and fans would suffice. Fortunately Honeywell and Chillout have recently launched two new fans designed to seamlessly integrate into homes and offices to provide cooling a level customized for the whole family.

Chillout USB Personal Fan

Whether at home or at work, this Chillout USB personal fan can keep users cool. Computers and other electronics emit heat and on top of summer weather, the temperature can get pretty hot.

This 6 inch Chillout portable fan fits on even the smallest desks or nightstands. It’s super convenient because there are two power source options: the USB and AC adaptors allow users to go chord-free by plugging it in to the computer or an electrical outlet.

Available in a variety of fun colors, this fan features a quiet operation and easy to use manual controls. Suggested retail price: $14.99

Honeywell’s Quietset Table Oscillating Fan

The Quietset Table Fan is ideal for whole room circulation. It is powerful, quiet, and includes four easy touch speed settings such as Sleep and White Noise -- perfect for those who want the comfort of a fan without the noise of a motor.

It’s sleek and stylish black looks great in any room, and it’s small enough to place on a table or dresser. For safety, there’s an overload safety protection and a fused safety plug that will provides users with peace of mind when operating the fan. Suggested retail price: $39.99

For more information on these fans as well as other products from brands like Honeywell, Braun, pur, Vicks, Chillout, Protec, SoftHeat and Stinger, please visit

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