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Chili found his home through Project Rescue Chicago

Chili is a great family member for Matt & Erin!
Chili is a great family member for Matt & Erin!
Spring Naturals

In honor of the first day of Spring, Spring Naturals the pet food company that provides no-compromise pet nutrition, sponsored an adoptable dog, Chili, so as to ensure the dog a forever home. This is their third year of sponsorship. Besides that they also donate a year’s supply of dog food and treats to the selected canine’s new family.

Spring Naturals was happy once again to team up with Project Rescue Chicago; saving Chili from an open admission shelter in the south side of Chicago. Together, the strong team promoted the gorgeous dog, bringing out her highlights. They wanted the entire city to be involved in saving this pooch; going so far as to have her appear on WGN-TV Chicago.

They stated that Chili is a playful white and tan colored Pitbull mix with unique, beautiful eyes. One of Chili’s eyes is blue and one is green!

Right after the lovely Pitbull appeared on television, she actually located the perfect family to call all her own! Her lucky new family members are Matt and Erin from the West Loop-area. The couple was smitten at first sight.

Matt and Erin adopted Chili right away. The recently engaged couple has welcomed her into their home. They even went a bit further to include Chili in their engagement photographs!

This new family is as happy as can be. The couple is having fun teaching their new dog some new tricks. They are also having a great time taking walks around our bustling city. Both Spring Naturals and Project Rescue Chicago want to thank to Matt and Erin for opening up their hearts and their home to a Chicago pup in need.

Just as with people, just because a dog is of a specific breed does not make them bad. Ordinarily we find when we look that the reason an animal is tagged as “bad” is because of the bad people that train them. Dogs are instinctually born to be good! Some simply need an opportunity to prove it!

It is very fortunate for Chili that Matt and Erin could see past the fact that she was born a Pitbull. What they see is that Chili is a loving family companion; one that can grow with their growing family. They could not be happier! It is very fortunate for them that Spring Naturals and Project Rescue Chicago promote animals that otherwise may not have an opportunity for a good life. Now they have the perfect dog for them to begin their life together!

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