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Chile's Labor Minister looking to make work hours more flexible during World Cup

Chile workers might get reprieve during World Cup
Chile workers might get reprieve during World Cup
Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

In many countries, the World Cup is a reason to for a country to come to a grinding halt. Productivity levels go down, people come late to work or leave early. Many members of a country’s workforce look for reasons to “ play hookie”, especially when their country is playing. This is why Chile’s labor minister, Javiera Blanco, is furiously looking for employers and workers to come to an agreement in order to make work days a bit more flexible during the days that Chile will play in the World Cup.

Blanco stated on Friday in a presentation alongside president Michele Bachelet where they announced the launching of a government-run website that will help Chileans that will be traveling to the World Cup in Brazil. Blanco stated that there were no regulations that made it mandatory to undergo these types of changes in the workforce. She is looking for there to be dialogue in a way that will end up supporting the national team in the short-term.

“(I hope) that employers can come to an agreement with their employees because we all know that a happy worker is a productive worker,” said Blanco. She would be looking for any type of agreement that would help many workers be able to see the matches that are being played despite the kickoffs being during work hours.

Blanco and many others in the Chilean government also believe that giving employees that time to watch the World Cup matches would also “unite the country”.

Chile will be based out of Toca da Raposa 2, Cruzeiro’s training complex in Belo Horizonte and will begin their World Cup campaign against Australia at the Arena Pantanal in Cuiabá on June 13. On the 18th they will face Spain in Rio and then wrap up their group stage play when they face Netherlands, five days later in São Paulo.