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Chile earthquake has 8.2 magnitude

Chile earthquake on April 1, 2014
Chile earthquake on April 1, 2014
ABC News

A Chile earthquake struck off northern Chile on Tuesday night with a magnitude of 8.2, causing a small tsunami, according to a Yahoo! News report on Wednesday morning. The Chile earthquake required evacuations all along Chile’s Pacific coast.

The Chilean interior minister stated that five persons were crushed to death or suffered heart attacks which took their lives. The country of Chile, however, seems to have escaped any major damage.

The quakes shaking resulted is some loosened land and caused landslides that ended up blocking thoroughfares and cutting electricity for thousands of residents. Additionally, there was damage to an airport and some businesses reportedly caught fire during the disaster.

Approximately 300 inmates also escaped from a women’s prison in Iquique, Chile during the quake. To deter looting in the affected areas, the military from Chile was sending special forces to stand watch.

Besides the effects felt in Chile, buildings in Peru and La Paz, Bolivia – where the altitude is high – felt the earthquake.

Chile has experienced a number of quakes in the past couple of weeks.

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