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Childsplay presents Schoolhouse Rock Live!

Childsplay presents Schoolhouse Rocks!
Childsplay presents Schoolhouse Rocks!

One of the best things about the '70s was “Schoolhouse Rock,“ a wonderful TV show that taught kids subjects like grammar, math, science and politics with catchy tunes and fun animation. Kids and their parents loved it. It’s been nearly forty years since the show aired, and it’s back as a terrific new musical, Schoolhouse Rock Live! Now you can share your happy childhood memories of watching this show and your kids can actually experience it when Childsplay brings Schoolhouse Rock Live! to the Tempe Center for the Arts from April 20 -May 25.

The show’s songs are truly timeless. Songs like “Conjunction Junction What’s Your function?”which is a tidy little grammar lesson and “I’m Just a Bill,” that explaines how the legislature passes bills are as relevant and tuneful today as they were back in the day. This is Childsplay’s final show of another fantastic season presenting professional theatre for families. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

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