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Children witness Michael Jace gun down wife in domestic violence rage

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The murder of April Jace has been confirmed to be domestic violence. Michael Jace is in custody on a $1 million dollar bond, and he has been charged with homicide. It is unclear who his attorney will be at this time, but he is not set to appear in court before Thursday according to a representative of the Los Angeles Co. District Attorney.

The children, who were present when their mother was gunned down, are now with Child Protective Services. There are no reports on prior incidents in Michael Jace’s marriage to April, but he does have a history of abuse concerning his first wife.

The only leads to a motive that investigators have at the moment are extreme financial difficulties, but the case is still young. The irony is that Jace normally played the good guy who put monsters, like the one he allowed his rage to allow him to become, away. A far cry from his present day reality.

Pretty, young and vibrant mom April Jace could not have known as she got her family out of bed Monday morning and on about their days that it would be her last time. Like many other women out there who live through domestic violence she may have seen that trouble was brewing or maybe there were no warning signs at all. Domestic violence in a home is oftentimes only known to the residents of that home. Outward appearances may be picture perfect, just like it was in the Jace home.

So many people think of domestic violence and instantly picture a greasy haired man standing over a timid and unintelligent woman with their fists drawn as a dirty child cowers in the corner, but it is time to take a more realistic view on things. April Jace is dead due to domestic violence in its rawest form.

Sworn statements show that Michael Jace strangled and choked his ex-wife. Domestic violence does not discriminate, and more people go through it that one may think. It takes many different forms, and it could be happening to someone that you know and love right now. Statically April Jace had been battered before it escalated to violence, however most battered women never come forward for many different reasons.

As a community we have to come to know the warning signs. Do not allow the victims to continue explaining away bruises or behaviors of the perpetrators. These situations only escalate. They never get better for long, and each cycle seems to be a little worse than the last. Domestic violence is never deserved, and it is our responsibility to make it our business when we hear or see something.

Every child in a violent home suffers. Continuing to keep a child in a harmful situation is abuse. This is a touchy subject, and there are a lot of fine lines. Women who are being abused are not abusing their children, and they should not be treated as if they are.

Women who see their children be abused and do not leave, or those who return time and time again to abuse are guilty of emotional abuse and failure to protect according to the system, but many simply do not know how to leave or where to turn. That is a fact, and we as a community (many of us survivors ourselves) have to act for these children and the abused if those who are meant to protect them cant. Organizations like Pieces of Me and Uplifting Change Through Heeling Words can help these children as well as their mothers before it is too late.

Organizations like these are vital, and with all of the budget cuts within the government there are fewer and fewer places of refuge for victims and their children. These are community funded programs, and many lives depend on them. With the help of the community we can educate ourselves and others on how to take a stand against domestic violence in our communities, but we have to do our part, no matter how small, in keeping these organizations in place.

The urgency has never been more profound. April Jace did not wake up knowing she would die in front of her children at the hands of her husband in their Los Angeles home Monday night. Michael Jace evidently took these actions in the heat of the moment or he would not have called 911. In an instant it was too late. One life is gone, the mother, the heart of the family. Three other lives are ruined.

All outward appearances portrayed the Jace’s as the perfect all American family, and now they are all statistics. April Jace’s children will not have their mother or their father anymore. They have had their innocence ripped from their lives and their hearts broken in an unimaginable way. The reality that they face is grim when you consider what children who face this type of trauma experience throughout their entire lives. The very course of their destiny was changed when they became a witness to their father killing their mother.

Biola University in La Mirada, California, the school where April Jace worked as a financial advisor, released a statement saying, "We are obviously shocked and saddened by this terrible news, to lose a wonderful colleague, mother and friend."

Geoff Marsh, financial aid director, said, "April's radiant personality brought great energy to the financial aid office". "Her love for helping students and families and her great work ethic earned the respect and love of her coworkers. Her smiling face and helpful spirit will be missed by all."

We can all do something. This has become so socially accepted that it takes a high profile case to jog some of us to realize how bad it is. Most cases don’t even make the local news anymore.

Get educated, show your support, and make your voice heard! Only when the travesty is enough to get us to take a stand as one body will these tragic and unnecessary deaths not be in vain.

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R.I.P April Jace and may God touch and heal your children while keeping them through these unbelievable heartbreaking times. – A.C.C. Writing Services, Local Examiner, Spring Lee, Survivor