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Children with fur love snow days

Coach and Kids
Coach and Kids
Photo by Sandra Eastman

Minnesota cool

Living in Minnesota we can always expect at least one or two snow days where schools are closed and offices start late; where people use that extra vacation day to avoid sitting in traffic for hours on end. There is nothing much worse than spending three hours in your car to get to work, working five hours and then spending another three hours to get home. It makes the day pretty counter-productive. Of course this year the snow was replaced with a Midwest deep freeze that broke all weather records across the United States.

Love those snow days

Often on snows days children use the time to build an awesome snowman or walk to the nearest sledding area and enjoy the day. This year the weather didn’t permit any of that as it was too cold to even venture out the door. The cold weather can often be difficult for our children with fur especially with the smaller breeds. A dog weighing less than 15 pounds can easily walk on top of the crusted snow if careful. Of course there is always the risk of the “thin ice” illusion. When one paw fits comfortably on hard crisp snow but the second paw sinks to a new low, the small dog is speedily tumbled into a deluge of freezing pallid snow. A tiny dog can quickly become buried in a sea of white.

But let’s not forget the larger breed dogs and how much they truly love the white fluffy stuff. The Newfoundland or a mixed-breed dog containing Newfie, not only loves the snow, he basks in it. He could spend his entire day just laying and rolling around and absolutely doting on his white blanket. It is a Newfie’s dream come true. When the children make snow angels, he’s right along with them rolling back and forth on his back forming an intricate indentation on the ground. He’ll chase them down the hill on their sleds; he’ll run circles around their snowman but is little help in the endeavor. A Newfie with Labrador or Retriever mix is definitely a good pet to have if one wishes to avoid the large size of the Newfie but give the protective and loving qualities of the breed. Many mixed-breed dogs are becoming quite popular in the pet arena and there are numerous places of adoption available.

Weather changes everything

In any case, during the winter months one should take the temperature into account when dealing with a small breed dog and enjoy having the large breed dog outside. Soon the weather will take a turn and it will be time for the small breed to enjoy the outdoors and time for the Newfie to stay out of the sun.

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