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Children use their imaginations and move creatively

Children are motivated to move by watching animals
Children are motivated to move by watching animals

Spark children's imaginations and get them moving by having them create a "Kool Kritter." Help each child create his/her own "Kool Kritter" by asking the following questions: Does your "Kritter" have arms and legs, if so how many and what other body parts does it have?; What size is your "Kritter:?; How does your "Kritter" move (crawl, walk, squirm, fly,wiggle, bend, bounce, rock, etc.)?; At what speed does your "Kritter" move (fast, medium. slow)? What direction can your "Kritter" travel (forward, backward, sideways, up, down)?; On what level does your "Kritter" move (low, middle, or high in the sky)?; and Where does your "Kritter" live? After thinking about these questions the children should have a good idea of what his/her "Kritter" looks like, moves like, where it lives, etc.

Now let each child draw a picture of his/her "Kool Kritter", name it, practice moving it, and do a presentation for the others. Let the children trade their "Kritter" pictures and explore moving as another "Kool Kritter."