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Children use their imaginations and move creatively

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Spark children's imaginations and get them moving by having them create a "Kool Kritter." Help each child create his/her own "Kool Kritter" by asking the following questions: Does your "Kritter" have arms and legs, if so how many and what other body parts does it have?; What size is your "Kritter:?; How does your "Kritter" move (crawl, walk, squirm, fly,wiggle, bend, bounce, rock, etc.)?; At what speed does your "Kritter" move (fast, medium. slow)? What direction can your "Kritter" travel (forward, backward, sideways, up, down)?; On what level does your "Kritter" move (low, middle, or high in the sky)?; and Where does your "Kritter" live? After thinking about these questions the children should have a good idea of what his/her "Kritter" looks like, moves like, where it lives, etc.

Now let each child draw a picture of his/her "Kool Kritter", name it, practice moving it, and do a presentation for the others. Let the children trade their "Kritter" pictures and explore moving as another "Kool Kritter."