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Children touch and point guns on 20/20

What would young kids do if they saw a gun? Diana Sawyer brings up gun issues on tonight’s episode of 20/20. She started the episode by telling the audience that this would not be another debate on gun laws or gun violence. They also told viewers they wanted to hear from the public throughout the episode, they want to hear what the public thinks as the episode plays out. They told viewers a ton of statistics at the beginning of the episode and most were staggering. One that stood out is that on average every hour a child or teenager is shot with a gun and many are accidental gun fires. Every hour this happens. If these facts and statics do not hit you where it hurts, then you should probably get a reality check.
Before even the first commercial break viewers have seen the first experiment with young children, and the outcomes are terrifying. More than half of the boys touched the guns. 18 out of 30 young boys in the classroom experiments touched the guns, many after promising they would not touch a gun if they found one. Some even tried to tell the others in the room not to touch it, but still touched it themselves. There were two outstanding ten year old boys who stopped the other younger boys in the room from going near and touching the gun. Almost every one of the boys, who touched the gun and picked it up, pointed it at themselves within only moments.
Do you really grasp what your child will do with their curiosity? Parents who honestly think their children do not know where their guns are, are proven wrong. In the episode it was proved by a young four year old boy. A family tells their sad story of their three year old son accidently taking his own life. They thought it was out of reach. They never found out how their son got the gun. The father hopes parents will go out and buy a safe because without one they are simply rolling the dice with the lives of their children.
This was only the first half of the episode of 20/20. The second half is going into the other side of things. Parents who believe removing curiosity and putting guns in the hands of kids will help. This is controversial and will be explained more throughout the episode. If you are missing or have missed this episode you missed a tearful episode. Watching those young kids pointing the guns at themselves was horrifying to watch. Please lock up your guns in a safe America.

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