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Children: the next big thing

Spirituality is a presence in our being that moves us to notice inward truth rather than outward judgment. This is the difference between Pilate’s question “What is truth?” and Jesus’ ‘Truth that sets us free’ if we know what It is.

The outer world of sense perception seems to make truth a relative thing. In fact, it is given that context. Absolute Truth is the foundation of all relative truth because it is “one without a second” as described in the Vedas. It is actually much easier to perceive than most people know. It is so basic to life that it gets missed unless it is pointed out.

Children don’t miss the fact of spiritual existence until they get taught to negate its presence by thoughts of judgment. Jesus chose a ‘small child’ to demonstrate the spiritual quality of what he called ‘the Kingdom of Heaven’. It is the same as having an attitude called ‘born again’. It implies an innocence that is basic to any human soul but we inevitably get taught to conform to our environment. The thinking mind labels, hypes and types everything to the point where only thinking is given credit for having knowledge. The knowledge of the heart is dismissed as so much emotion.

Dorothy L. Nolte wrote a now famous poem called “Children Learn What They Live” in which she makes brilliant intuitive connections between what children experience and what they embody as their truth. When children live in an atmosphere of criticism they learn condemnation, hostility leads to fighting, fear teaches apprehension, and ridicule teaches shyness. This may seem like common sense on the surface but these characteristics are learned.

On the other hand, tolerant examples teach patience, encouragement brings self confidence, and approving remarks teach children to have self esteem. If children live with acceptance they learn to find love in the world. This simple wisdom is so often forgotten in the superficial media of today where so much pain is in human relationships.

What do children learn from the examples they see everywhere? What kind of world is this now?‎

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