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Children's birthday party ideas



Children's birthdays have also become big business, especially in larger areas such as Dallas/Fort Worth. Gone are the days of having cupcakes and juice at the local park. These days parents are doling out large amounts of money for Little Johnny to invite his entire kindergarten class to the bounce house place or for sweet Susie to host ten of her bestest friends at the kiddie salon for a day of pampering.

In an economy that is still recovering from a recession and families who are wanting to spend quality time together, consider hosting your next child's birthday party at home. Parents can host fun and creative parties at home and still create a memorable experience for their children.

  • Art House Party. Inspire everyone’s inner creative streak by hosting an art party. Transform the party area into an art studio by covering the tables and floor in large disposable table cloths. Set up blank canvases, washable paints, and a variety of paint brushes for little artists to use. Be sure to supply art smocks to protect children’s clothing (adult-sized t-shirts work great). Send completed canvases home as a party favor.
  • 1950’s Classic Diner. Step back in time and introduce children to the days of sock-hops, diner food and poodle skirts. Have children decorate a pair of retro sunglasses when they arrive at the party. Play “Pin the Straw on the Milkshake” and dance to classic 50’s tunes. When it is time to eat, serve diner food such as mini hamburgers, tater tots and ice cream floats.
  • “See My Garden Grow” party. Many families are starting to plant their own home gardens. Embrace this trend and have a garden party for little ones. Read a book about how a garden grows, then supply seeds, dirt and tools for little ones to plant their own mini-garden. Bypass the traditional birthday cake and serve dirt cups instead.
  • Pirates and Mermaid Water Party. Texas is known for its hot summer months, making a water themed party perfect for kids with June, July, and August birthdays. Turn the back yard into a personal water park. Set out a variety of baby pools for toddlers to splash around in and hook up a sprinkler for everyone to run through. Consider renting a large inflatable water slide, something that kids and adults can enjoy together. Draw out a treasure map for children to follow to find the hidden treasure at the end of the party.
  • Chef Party. Encourage future foodies by hosting a cooking party. Have children create their own pizzas by providing store-bought dough, sauce, and a variety of toppings. After everyone finishes baking and eating their pizza, have them frost and decorate cupcakes for desert. Children can decorate aprons or chef hats as a party favor to take home and use in their own kitchens.


  • Aurora Garcia 5 years ago

    These are great ideas!

  • Louiseza Sanderson - Irving Generation X Examiner 5 years ago

    Great ideas! I have always hosted birthday parties for my kiddos at home (with the exception of a skating or bowling party here and there) and they loved them! At home parties can be personalized so much more than the cookie cutter commerical ones.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    We live on the Frisco, McKinney, Plano line and recently had a great AT HOME PARTY! We invited Scribble Cakes to entertain our guests for my daughters 8th birthday. She wanted a tea party. The ladies at Scribble Cakes were awesome!!!!! They provided the china, decorations, mini cakes for each of the guest to decorate and taught them how to use the various tools and supplies that they provided. Each child made their own piece of art in the theme of the party (Tea Party). They made cute tea pots. The girls had such great fun and my sons created their own designs. The kids really enjoyed this unique party!! I highly recommend having a Scribble Cakes cake decorating party. You can find them on facebook or they have a website

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