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Children: Read the label. Beware!

If you were to ask a young person at a convenience store if he knows what is in the soda or snack he’s purchasing, do you think he would have any idea? Really?

Would you place a bet on him knowing there’s sodium benzoate or bromated vegetable oil in his drink (both FDA approved)?

What about the potassium bromate in the delicious white bread?

Does he ever read the label? Just because he cannot know if there are GMOs in his food, there are still other ingredients which must be recorded and listed.

If he does recognize the names, would he understand the potential health risks connected with consuming them?

Then ask him what he knows about high fructose corn syrup.

Most often he couldn’t care less.

This is a failure of our educational system and the government (FDA) which many assume are watching out for our safety and good health.

How many ads for “miracle” male enhancement or weight loss pills, followed by the ever-present barely discernable disclaimer messages, must we watch before we recognize we are all living in the Dodge City of 1885?

Barkers with their covered wagons and patent medicines littered the streets then, and the airwaves now.

The government, with its cut-back budgets and limited personnel, fails to monitor or regulate the goings-on because attorneys have decided that as long as there is a disclaimer message at the end, all is well.

Our educational system must stand up to this threat by insuring that our children are aware of what they consume and how to make safe food choices. Obesity in children and adults in the U.S. is at its highest level ever recorded.

“The proof is in the pudding.” Our children’s failing health is the result of our negligence and greed. We permit our corporations to tell us that all they put before us is safe when used as directed. Yet their prime directive is not our good health, but their own high profits.

But “the proof is in the putting” forth of a curriculum which prepares our students for the onslaught of false claims and poor ingredients which flood their every day.

“Forewarned is forearmed”. Our children require our guidance critically. And the rest of the World, which prohibits many of the ingredients we eagerly feed our own, watches the U.S. children as they have become the unwitting laboratory rats in a grotesque experiment.

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