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Children react to seeing a Walkman for the first time

BusinessInsider released an article Tuesday, April 15 showing children’s reaction to seeing a Walkman. Immediately most all of the children are confused, “I don’t know what this is,” and “what does this do?” The video shows each child taking a guess at what the device is. These guesses include: a boombox, a "thing you speak into" and a Walkie Talkie. Has time moved that fast that this device is no longer even recognizable?

Children's reaction to seeing Walkman for the first time
YouTube screenshot / TheFineBros

This video is part of a YouTube series called, “Kids React,” in which children give their raw thoughts about a wide array of topics, including current news events, movies and technology. The series is produced by an award winning duo known as the Fine Brothers.

As soon as the children are made aware that the Walkman functions as a music player, they are then tasked with trying to figure out how exactly the player works. They press all of the buttons and wait for the music to play.

"Nothing happens?"

"It's still not working!"

They are then told that the device requires something else in order to work and their jaws drop. The moderator hands them a cassette tape and the camera continued rolling as they each try to figure out how to use both devices together. One even tried putting the tape on top of the Walkman. It seemed that figuring out how to open the Walkman was a task on it’s own, “I feel so judged,” one girl said.

Once the Walkman was opened and the tapes were in the correct way, the kids quickly learned that it was not the end of the puzzle. They were still confused. When they pressed the play button, they still didn’t hear any music. That’s when they all received headphones, "Oh I hear it!" The children are stunned to learn how many songs play on each cassette and discuss how many backpacks of cassettes you'd have to carry to hear all of your music.

The moderator starts to explain to the children the excitement that was once had when the Walkmans were originally released. He tells them that this was the first truly portable music player. Nine-year old Dash impersonates a first-time buyer of a walkman and says, “woah, something that can play music and I can carry it around if I have a” he pauses and continues, “if I have a large pocket.” The kids all ask how can you run around with something this size, “it’s so heavy” they all say.

Watch the full video on YouTube for entertainment and to feel the full effect in realizing how old (or "ancient") you really are.

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