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Children of the borderlands; a crisis created by US

What do you think about the migrant children crisis – the thousands that are coming into the US to Arizona and Texas? From a Libertarian standpoint, what should be done? I can't figure out a fair or humane solution. – Maria, longtime Libertarian News Examiner reader.

Refugee children: A combination of the American Drug War and American immigration laws has created a humanitarian crisis on the Mexican border.
America's Real News/YouTube

First, understand that virtually all of these children are coming from Central America.

Second, understand that US immigration law says that Mexican and Canadian children illegally entering the US alone can be returned to their home countries immediately, but children from elsewhere must be taken into US custody by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, meaning, apparently, that all of these Central American children are refugees. As wards of the state they can be "resettled" with parents or relatives already living in the US or placed in foster care.

So what are they refugees from?

The Drug War.

Violence has surged in Central American countries like Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras due to drug cartel violence and their related gangs that forcibly initiate children into their ranks.

Third, understand that parents are putting one and two together; by loading their children onto busses to the US their children escape the violence and receive safe haven.

In short, the border crisis is caused by US laws.

In a libertarian society that rejects victimless crimes there would be no "drug war" and hence no vicious drug lords killing one another and everyone else who gets between their greed and their immense profits. There would also be no "free ride" for children or anyone else coming to the US beyond the help of charitable institutions and individuals.

Since we don't live in a libertarian society there is no "fair or humane solution."

In today's real world the only possible solution is to immediately end the drug war, thereby putting the drug cartels out of business overnight; transferring all aid to these children to legitimate charitable organizations like churches and related voluntary relief agencies; and telling Central American parents it's impossible to handle any more of their children.

But in today's real world this won't happen either. Politicians love their power. Politically connected conglomerates like the alcohol industry who don't want competition from drugs and the "private" prison/prison guard unions/crime-fighting complex that wallows in federal tax money don't want the Drug War to end.

Sorry, Maria, as long as we have a society with a ruling class based on coercion, intimidation and fraud, and a citizenry of enablers and cheerleaders who keep voting for and supporting these kinds of "leaders" there cannot be a "fair or humane solution."

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