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Children of Syria: The True Victims

Children of Syria: The True Victims
Children of Syria: The True Victims

The Syrian Civil War has been going on for some three years. In that time some 9 million Syrians have become displaced. They have become one of the many groups of refugees that the Middle East has to reckon with. In that figure of 9 million there are about 1-3 million children who are ill, malnourished, abused and exploited. Families have little room in the refugee camps and usually are sleeping on concrete floors or mud. The shelters are usually plastic or of some similar material.

Some forty percent of the refugees are living in camps. In some cases the land owners are charging the families as much as 400 dollars a year to live on the property, which is unthinkable when there is no income let alone food for the adults let alone the children. Syria is coming close to a major catastrophe of biblical proportions.

Families are having to marry off their daughters just so they will not have to feed them. When the children have a chance to get some schooling it is usually disrupted by gunshots and or artillery shelling.

Now for the worst possible of tragedy, the chemical weapon attacks on the civilian populace. That means that children are being gassed and burned by the chemical weapons with both sides denying that they did it but with the children as evidence to the truth. Meanwhile, the world just sits back and watches.

Last summer there was a half-assed attempt for the two sides to negotiate piece. Unfortunately, Putin was more worried about his Olympic games than getting together with the United States and other nations to find a solution.

The Assad regime and the rebels just can't seem to come together for the benefit of all to secure peace. Every so often one side or the other will claim a victory over the other but in the long run Syria as a nation will be nothing but rubble and despair.

World organizations like World Vision and UNICEF are trying to help the children but it is not enough. Their needs to be a whole lot more done, but when you have countries who sometimes are only able to feed themselves they just don't have the extra to give.

We need to finally put an end to this war. If we don't, like I said, we will have a world catastrophe of biblical proportions and it is the children who will be hurt the most.