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Children go to the zoo without leaving their hospital beds using Google Glass

This is one of the most touching stories I’ve had yet to write. You may have read about the potential Google Glass has to completely change the way healthcare is practiced. For example by use through the operating room or having paramedics and doctors correspond for medical assistance over a crash site, natural disaster site or any life endangering situation.

Madeline Canales, 6, wearing Google Glass
Courtesy of John Lynch/Memorial Hermann
Children in hospital use Google Glass
Courtesy of John Lynch/Memorial Hermann learned that the Children’s Memorial Hermann hospital in Texas is using Google Glass to get children ‘out of their hospital beds’ and over to the zoo. Jayden Neal, an adorable 6-year old patient at Children’s tells his mother, “Mommy, I just want to go to the zoo.”

For years the hospital would coordinate monthly zoo visits via Skype. Now the hospital is taking a large step further using Google Glass and Google+ Hangouts for a more exclusive visit. Pediatric patients connect to the Houston Zoo via video chat, meeting animals from the zookeeper’s point of view. The program allows patients to see wildlife even more intimately than the average zoo visitor.

With the help of the Google Glass Explorer program, the children are able to feel like a normal kid. As Jayden’s mother said in the Explorer YouTube video, “My son was able to see the zoo from the hospital bed. What greater thing is there than that?”

Children’s hospital tells that they have every intention of discovering new opportunities to use the Google Glass Explorer program.

“There are so many exciting possibilities to use Google Glass in a healthcare setting. The next step for us is to consult with our physicians and clinicians as to how this technology could further benefit our patients in various care delivery settings. We are excited to collaborate with our various clinical teams, pulling from their medical knowledge and expertise, to identify a number of different and exciting ways Google Glass may be able to help us take our quality of care and the patient experience to whole new levels.”

One additional such opportunity they mention, is using Google Glass as a method to keep pediatric patients calm during surgery. The zoo visits with Google Glass is the third program that Children’s Memorial Hermann hospital has done with Google Hangouts, as they are also using the platform for health discussions.

Children’s Memorial Hermann hospital talks about how captivating it has been to see the smiles on the children's face with this new program, as well as hearing from the public about how endearing the video has been to viewers since it's release.

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