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Children Chap Oscar's Speaking Listen!

Children Please Listen Up!
Children Please Listen Up!
Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images

NASHVILLE,TN Being universally admired is not my strongest claim to fame. I would love to be known as a Chaplain who recognizes children are the future, all children are absolutely important. An estimated one third of our children in America live in homes with firearms. These are pretty much the facts from my limited findings and over 43 percent have at least if not all unlocked guns lying around. This next statistic hurts my heart so bear with me a minute thanks, on average over 75 children under 14 are killed every year while playing with a family gun and over 890 injured enough to require hospital attention. Now this is a pretty good guesstimate over 120 children are shot and killed in careless family settings. These numbers go unnoticed but not by Chaplain Oscar who still has fresh in my heart the Newtown, Conn. Shootings that we all remember involving 20 children attending school, I wrote several articles on this. Can you believe toddlers are shooting themselves while the older children are being shot by someone else? Sadly 85 percent of these are happening right in the home or in the family vehicle. Are you comfortable with this stark reality, I'm not? Each one of these lives to me is an absolute tragedy. 1.8 million children here in America live in homes where guns are unsecured and fully loaded and the children know where the guns are. I am told when asked that many know where the ammo is as well. Prayerfully not one single word is wasted here this morning as I write this personal appeal that we need to protect and educate our precious children don't you agree?

CISM Chaplain Oscar Smith and thank you for sharing this.