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Children are innocent

In a world and society where people, grown men most specifically can buy women, young girls, for pleasure is quite evidence that hell is and in fact been on earth for quite some time. Psychologically, who in their right mind thinks this is ok or alright to purchase people, children, and put them on the market for sale. Stealing something that is not yours, people to be exact, is insane, in humane, and downright evil. My goodness, mine, mine, is the notion, and expression that so many sane people have around the world. How can you rob children of their innocence, also robbing parents of their peace of minds and blessing of a child or children?

Why the children?
Why the children?
Nigerian girls

As the world communities pleads and strive for the release of the young girls, looking endlessly putting fort massive efforts, creating a global initiative, humanity is still at awl. Whoever you are, wherever you are, God, the same name Allah, did not tell you to kidnap our west African daughters and sisters. Once again, this all falls back on life span and development and how poor and unfortunate upbringing has lead to the type of individuals these men have become, murders, rapist, and thieves.

(When you happen to be online at Barnes and Noble &, pick up the soon to be released book by Professor (Eldad) Coker Jerome George, Titled: Life span at a glance. First book: Verses of the Soul, 2) A beam of words struck me one Night, 3) Free-styling life like Camp