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Children and seniors erect their very own stop sign in Woodside

Council Member Van Bramer is joined by Jerry LoMonte, Treasurer of the Board, Big Six Towers, Elizabeth O’Hara, Director of Towers Play-N-Learn nursery school, as well as local residents and children.
Press office of Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer

On Oct. 25, both nursery school children and seniors residing in Woodside helped to erect their very own locally made stop sign along 47th Avenue and 60th Street, with the help of Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer. The move was made in order to highlight the dangerous traffic conditions along this particular part of Woodside.

“The reckless speeding and steady traffic along 47th Avenue presents serious safety hazards to countless young school children and seniors who cross this street every single day,” said Council Member Van Bramer. “Today the community has joined me to say enough is enough. We are taking matters into our own hands. As a symbol of resolve we are placing our own stop sign at the intersection of 47th Avenue and 60th Street to let the city agency know we will not wait any longer. The time to act is now. Without a stop sign at this heavily trafficked intersection, or speed bumps along this street the chances of an accident happening will continue to escalate.”

For over three years the Department of Transportation (DOT) failed to introduce traffic calming measures alongside this strip of road on 47th Avenue between 59th and 61st Streets. DOT's response to the request for a stop sign and traffic bumps was that "“based upon [their] evaluation of data collected, we have determined that additional controls are not recommended based on procedures contained in the federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.”

Senior citizens from the Big Six Towers, a co-op development housing a retirement community, and children from the nearby Towers Play and Learn nursery school are the ones most vulnerable to any traffic accidents along 47th Avenue. That's because they are usually the ones who cross this particular road daily in order to attend school, go home and/or visit their doctors' offices.

“For many years now, the people of Big Six Towers have known that crossing 47th Avenue at 60th Street in Woodside was dangerous and hazardous,” said Jerry LoMonte, Board Members of the Big Six Tower. “We have tried unsuccessfully to get the Department of Transportation to listen to our petitions and our pleas for help. Councilman Van Bramer has now stepped up and is calling on the agency to look into this serious matter. Big Six Towers needs stop signs or speed bumps to slow down or stop traffic so our elderly and our children can safely cross.”

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