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Childproof your landscaping the green way

Recycled tree mulch makes for a soft landing under playground equipment.
Recycled tree mulch makes for a soft landing under playground equipment.
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Why childproof your landscaping the ecofriendly way? Kids love to play in the great outdoors. As a parent, it's your job to keep them safe; especially in your own backyard. Why would you use landscape materials that may cause injury or accident? There are plenty of green child-safe materials that will lessen scrapes, cuts and bruises. What type of thing should you look out for? How do you child-proof your landscaping with the least harm to mother nature?

Use earth-friendly fertilizer and weed killer.

Prickly weeds are a hazard to those little bare feet. You don't want your kids stepping on thistle. You also don't want them somersaulting through chemicals. Mosquitoes pose a serious health threat to your family. Childproof your landscaping by using organic, non-toxic solutions for weed and pest control.

Steps should be childproof.

Your landscaping concerns should always include stair safety. Make sure railings are in place wherever stairs are used. Test their strength, too. A faulty railing makes for a quick trip to the bottom of the stairs. Just in case, be sure there's a soft landing as well. It's a smart idea to have an area of recycled mulch or pea gravel at the bottom of stairs.

Watch for sharp edges.

If you have a concrete patio or landing, be sure the corners are rounded. Better yet, opt for a recycled mulch area, rather than a cement patio. It may not be the most attractive option, but who cares what the neighbors think? It could save your child a trip to the emergency room. To childproof your landscaping, always use the softest green materials available.

Playground equipment poses a safety hazard.

Public playgrounds sometimes use recycled rubber or mulch under swings and slides. It creates a nice soft landing. The thicker the better. If you want to childproof your landscaping, it's smart to follow their example. To illustrate the point, would you rather your child fell from a swing and landed on concrete, bare ground, or six to eight inches of mulch or recycled rubber?

What is recycled rubber?

Recycled rubber is a new trend in landscaping materials. What an awesome way to re-purpose used tires! It's soft, yet durable. It can be used for walk-ways, driveways and as mulch. It's long lasting and holds up to heavy traffic. Next time you replace a path, some mulch or consider pouring a new driveway, why not look into it?

This article was previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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