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Childhood photo exhibit


One of the benefits of homeschooling in the Austin area is the great balance of city resources and hill country quietness. One of city benefits is the ability to plan field trips into Austin to visit a child-friendly exhibit. And the Texas Photographic Society has been planning for months an exhibit called "Childhood: An International Photo Exhibition," with Jamie Lee Curtis to jury.

Author of eight children's books, Jamie Lee Curtis describes her hopes for the photo exhibit with these words: "Childhood is fleeting – yet sometimes, in a fraction of a second, photographers can capture its essence: joy, pain, play, boredom, frustration, elation. As an author of children's books I have tried to capture what it feels like to be a child - the good and the bad - and to stimulate a dialogue between children and parents regarding the issues raised in the book. I hope to see creative work that captures childhood's many guises."

The exhibit began here at Austin's own Dougherty Arts Center on January 14th, and it runs locally until the 28th of January, when it begins to tour the state for the rest of the year. It runs nearly all day Monday through Friday, and Saturday too if you want to bring Dad along. I'm sure your children will enjoy the classic images of childhood that they will remember from last summer while you reminisce a little about your own.


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