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Childhood obesity rates drop 43%!

Childhood obesity rates drop 43%!
Childhood obesity rates drop 43%!
San Francisco Chronicle

As is being reported today, February 26, 2014 in the San Francisco Chronicle, the new numbers being released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding childhood obesity are staggering... in a good way! The latest survey on this disease (obesity is now considered a disease) shows a plummet of 43%. These numbers have also been confirmed by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

As to the reason for this dramatic drop in child obesity cases, it is still being studied but one thing which is known is the fact many school districts have changed the preparation of food. No longer are processed foods being the "menu of the day" and in more-and-more cases, children are being offered (and accepting) healthy alternatives. It should also be noted that a recent federal government study found that children are not drinking as much soda and other sweetened beverages.

One thing which is not pointed out in the study is the fact that many parents are also following a more "green" and organic diet, thus logically the food in the house where the children live is more healthy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also points out a very interesting statistic: "Breastfeeding rates have increased, and studies have suggested that breastfed babies are less likely than formula-fed kids to be overweight or obese as they get older."

There is some bad news in this recent study and that concerns adults. The number of obese adults (20 years of age and older) has not changed, with more than one-third being medically obese.

There are many ways and methods (diets) to eliminate obesity and your medical professional can help you in this area. There is also the common sense way and that is simply by eliminating all processed foods from your diet.

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