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Childhood friend: Obama a cocaine smoking, homosexual, pathological liar

An almost unknown candidate for president who was hardly vetted by the mainstream media, who because president in part because tens of millions of voters didn't want to really know who and what he is but just wanted to vote him and make history electing the “first African-American President,” is now the president and we are learning much more about who and what Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama is. A childhood friend of Obama during his high school days at the Punahou School in Hawaii, Mia Marie Pope, discussed Obama's past on the Manning Report, hosted by Pastor James David Manning, and painted of a disturbing picture of Barry Soetoro as a young man.

Obama childhood friend Mia Marie Pope discusses Obama's past with Pastor James David Manning
The Manning Report

Manning said Pope identified Obama as a “cocaine smoking homosexual...a Richard Pryor type.” Manning referred to Obama repeatedly as, “the mack daddy.”

Pope told Pastor Manning about knowing Obama, calling him by the name he was known by at the time, Barry Soetoro, and how he used cocaine and hung around with the crowd of young people she considered friends and acquaintances. Pope said, “I didn't not meet or see Barry Soetoro until about 1977. I knew this individual, his name was Barry Soetoro. And, he always portrayed himself as a foreign student.”

Obama was known by many to be involved with the gay community, and to be gay himself, and they viewed him as a pathological liar who would lie about just about evertything he opened his mouth to speak about.

“He very much was within the gay community...we knew Barry, as common knowledge, girls were never anything he was interested in...Barry was strictly into men. He was a pathological liar back then, every time this guy would open his mouth, the most outlandish stories would come out of his mouth,” Pope said, “it was always something to egotistically boost himself.”

Obama lied so much, Pope said, that, “if he told you the sun was shining, you better go out and check.”

Pope explained how someone who appeared to have little money could get cocaine, which was very expensive then to obtain, and said it was known that Obama was quite often freebase cocaine.

“It was always one thing or another with Barry, he just would seem to be incapable of being genuine or telling the truth about anything,” Pope remembered, “he would get with these older white gay men...having sex with these older white guys, and that's how he was getting his cocaine to be able to freebase.”

Pope said she called the FBI several times exposing Obama's alleged use of fake social security numbers, and felt she was being stonewalled. “Nobody was interested in my story,” she noted.

Obama was known as someone who most perceived as a very low quality human being, someone viewed an untrustworthy person Pope explained. “I remember this guy as, low road guy, you wouldn't trust this guy to walk your dog,” Pope remembered. “This guy is...a scumbag kind of guy,” she said.

When asked about Larry Sinclair's allegations of smoking crack and having homosexual sex with Obama, Pope said, “Barry Soetoro was smoking a cocaine pipe long, long before Larry Sinclair.”

Pope also raised questions as to how, someone who had just moved to Hawaii from Indonesia, could get accepted into Punahou School, his family not being very wealthy since it then cost about $600-700 per month for a student to attend the very selective and prestigious private school. His mysterious entrance into Punahou, along with changing his name to Barack Hussein Obama from Barry Soetoro, his use of multiple social security numbers and then his later obtaining of a foreign student's scholarship are all issues that raise serious questions about the man's background. Obama's own claim, in the publicity for his first autobiograhpy, of having been born in Kenya are what raises the very “birther” questios that remain today a topic of discussion and debate.

Pope explained why she decided to come forward with the information she knows about Obama's past. “If he was doing a good job, regardless of what his past was,” Pope said to Pastor Manning, “I wouldn't be with you on the phone today.” Pope also noted she is speaking up because he is “destroying” the country and she does not approve of that.

Manning called on all Americans to “stand up” and expose Obama for what he is. Manning closed the program, saying, “Let's out this person, let's out this sleazebag, this cocaine snorting, freebasing, crack-smoking, homosexual pervert, mack daddy.”

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