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Child stealing scam puts kids at higher risk

If the money spent to steal children from safe parents was spent towards saving our country or saving children from abuse it would be a step towards a better world. Over the years I have watched as parents have had their kids taken for made up reason while children in danger are left in danger.I came to a conclusion based on years of facts and vast variety of cases. It is sad fact that they take children only when both parents can be made to look bad.

According to National Center for Child Abuse and Neglect reports submitted in 2010 from child protective services verify that 43% of children taken had unsubstantiated abuse.Their own statements question the statement that kids are only taken in extreme situations. Many people I know were told they could only help if abuse was by a blunt instrument. This is because they don't get involved cause they don't make money helping kids.They only show their worth and need for more workers by removing children.It makes them look busy and raises the allotted funding from the state. Not to mention the approximate $8000 per kid for removing them. Safe conclusion our childrens safety like everything else has a price.

Look around at how many kids need help and never get it until its too late. On the other hand, how many are removed for little to no reason. True story, I took a child in with dark choke marks to point you could see lines in hand. Social workers informed me the child's parent may walk her that way and if it happens again he would talk to him. He hands said child 2 Oreo cookies. Said child 10 years later had suffered indescribable torture and abuse for years to the point her only option was suicide to escape. That's sad and had the choke marks been dealt with years could have been saved for her

The truth is that children are 11 times more likely to be abused while in the states care. So we are stealing children, being paid for it and watching them hurt. I know of a mom who witnessed her child abused while in foster care and was told that if she wanted child to be safe and to stick with siblings that they had a parent right that very moment whom would adopt. She was told that no one else would keep them together. She was told that she was going to lose them anyway and this would be an open adoption. Sounds like a form of blackmail to this author.

Twice as many kids are neglected and abused in one form or another while in foster care compared to home according to reports.6.4 per 100,000 children in 1998 were killed in foster care while 1.5 were killed at home. Nationwide, states are reporting to the federal government that children are being abused by the very system mandated to protect them.The biggest danger our kids face may be its own government. It surprises me how few even speak up about it. In the worst states the fact is you are more likely to have a social worker knock on your door than have a flat tire. Please see:

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