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Child shot when unidentified man tries to shoot at dog

Child shot by man
Child shot by man
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According to Monday's Detroit News, a child in Detroit, Mich., was shot in the buttocks on Sunday night by a man who was apparently trying to save the boy from being attacked by a dog.

Though the seven-year-old boy, who was visiting a relative when the incident happened, had "some scratch marks" from the dog, the gunshot landed him in the hospital in serious condition. The three-year-old dog who was involved in the incident, which took place in the 7600 block of Warwick, was later found dead from a fatal gunshot wound.

On Monday afternoon, the Detroit Free Press, published a statement from Detroit police spokeswoman Officer Jennifer Moreno, who described what took place prior to the shooting:

The homeowner stated that she was attempting to get the dog off of the boy, but she was unable to,”

Apparently the neighbor from across the street heard everything going on and came across and intervened.”

The dog involved in the attack did not have a prior bite history, but he was normally kept in a basement if people came over. At the time of the attack, the child was said to be in the backyard with the dog - it is unclear why.

The man who shot the dog, and the child, left the scene and the police are hoping to find him. Detroit police spokesman Officer Adam Madera indicated that the person is wanted for questioning and he likely will not face any charges - he stated:

“We don’t think he intentionally shot the boy,”

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