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Child saved with mattress: Child falls three stories and is saved with mattress

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A lucky child was saved with a mattress when a couple spotted him in danger. The couple saw the three-year-old boy attempting to get his toys back after throwing them onto the street from the apartment building's third floor. Orlando Sentinel reports March 18 that as the couple were moving into the Burbank apartment, they clearly saw he was in trouble.

At first the boy climbed out the window trying to reach for his things, but lost control and suddenly grabbed on to a few phone wires. When he fell, the child was saved with the mattress the new residents put down for him on the street. The husband was also able to catch the boy and soon after, his wife called police.

The boy was taken to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for examination, but he didn't suffer any real injuries.

The couple who saved the child with their mattress tried stopping the boy. Despite their yells at him to get back inside, he continued to go outside the window. Apparently the boy's parents were in another part of their apartment when the incident occurred. They weren't aware of the situation until they heard a lot of commotion.

This boy's parents must be very thankful for the fact their child was saved with a mattress by the new neighbors. If they weren't in the right place at the right time, it would be an entirely different ending.

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