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Child saved with mattress: Calif. couple's mattress saves their falling child

A child saved with a mattress may be too young to recall the terrifying fall, but for the California mom and dad, the strange and frightening incident, as well as the fortuitous timing, is something they will never forget.

NBC News
Father Konrad Lightner clutches his 3-year-old son after he fell three stories onto this mattress.

According to ABC News on Monday, “the incident happened Sunday in the 400 block of N. Pass Avenue. Police say the couple's quick thinking likely saved the child's life.”

Konrad Lightner and his wife, Jennifer, were moving out of their apartment in Burbank, carrying their mattress to a moving truck, when they looked up and saw their 3-year-old son dangling from their apartment window, three stories in the air.

Witnesses say the young boy and his sister were throwing toys out of the window. When the boy put his leg over the sill, they called the parents, who quickly moved the mattress into place. The boy tumbled out, got caught in some phone lines, then fell.

“The child climbed out of the window and was actually hanging out on to what appeared to be a telephone line or a cable line. They placed the mattress underneath the child, and at that point the child released and fell to the ground,” said Burbank Police Lt. John Dilibert.

Konrad was able to brace his fall, and the mattress did the rest. The 3-year-old was checked out at a hospital and released after doctors determined he suffered no injuries.

“It was very surreal afterwards. We were just moving the rest of day and every once in a while we'd look at each other and just be like, ‘That happened. That was real,’” said Jennifer.

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