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Child Safety and Automobiles a hot topic

The writer's daughter in car seat.
The writer's daughter in car seat.
Lance Becvar

As a parent, the writer always tries to do the right things for his daughter, trying to feed her well, exercising with her and insuring her safety by staying engaged with her at all times. Now what the writer means by staying engaged is by talking with her whether he is at a park with her or driving her to daycare. Staying engaged with your child is important; because they crave attention and it helps make them feel better emotionally. In addition, when you as the parent stay engaged with your child, chances are you will not lose sight of them or forget they are in your vehicle when you are transporting them. Sadly, some parents do forget that their kids are right behind them in the child seats and some kids have passed away from high heat in those vehicles, please see the link below. These kids that are dying in cars is a sad by preventable tragedy, the writer could not even fathom how he would feel if he ever forgot about his child in the back seat of his vehicle and she died. However there are some things in addition to staying engaged with your little one that you as the parent can do to prevent this tragedy from happening to your family.

One thing that you can do as parent is once your child is put in their child seat is install a small mirror that focuses on your child that can be adjusted so you can clearly see your child your review mirror. This is especially crucial for infant car seats that are strapped in backwards. This is an easy fix and these mirrors can be bought at most department stores. They key here is to stay focused on your child.

A second thing you can do as parent is to put something next to your child that you would have to have for your job, such office keys, a security badge, or a brief case. This way when you get to your job site, you would have to go the back seat to retrieve them and you would not forget about your precious cargo back there. The key here is to give yourself another reason to check on your child.

A third thing you can do as a parent is to consider is installing a baby alarm to the car seat belt that will alert you when after you leave the vehicle. It has a range sensor that is attached to your keys and your child; it will beep when you are a few feet away from your car or truck. This is extreme and may not always work because it is newer technology. The key here that you are reminded via an audible alarm that your child is still in your vehicle. The bottom line here is that a child should never have to die in a hot or cold car because their parents forgot about them. I say this again; parents please stay engaged with your child or children in any way possible when you are with them so this tragedy never has to happen to you. For more information please view the links below or consult the writer through