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Child run over by SUV in viral video: Kid gets up, driver keeps going

A video of a little boy playing at the end of his driveway suddenly turns horrifying as an SUV drives right over the youngster. It appears that the vehicle dragged the child several feet and then miraculously out from under the SUV comes the little boy, who gets up and walks away.

Child run over by SUV in viral video: SUV keeps going and child gets up and walks away!
YouTube screen shot

According to the New York Daily News on Aug. 25, the six-year-old boy walked away with nothing more than a few bruises and scrapes. The grandfather of the Chinese child said he cried when he saw the video, as this was one lucky little boy to be alive.

The child was playing on a Shandong Province road Wednesday when a red SUV drove right over him, never stopping or even slowing down. You can see in the video when the child gets up it looks as if his back might hurt a bit, but he walks into the house, brushing himself off on his own accord.

As you can see on the surveillance footage that was obtained by the BBC News and seen in the video above, this young fellow fit perfectly between the SUV’s tire axles and the underbelly of the vehicle. This was one very close call.

The driver just continued on like he didn’t know he had just ran over a child, which is what the driver told the officers when he was located. He claims that he didn’t see the child. It was the boy’s small size and his placement on the road as the vehicle went over him that allowed him to surface unharmed. These were the reasons he wasn’t seriously hurt, according to KTKA News today.

The case is still under investigation today.

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