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Child prodigy, Elias Phoenix, wows Ellen DeGeneres

Seven-year-old Elias Phoenix wowed the world with his amazing talent on The Ellen Show on January 17, reports the Huffington Post. Elias has been playing the piano, along with his twin brother Zion, since he was three. Elias says he has two dreams: to play at Carnegie Hall and to be on the Ellen DeGeneres show. This amazing young man has accomplished both dreams at the tender age of seven.

Child Prodigy Elias Phoenix meets Ellen DeGeneres
Photo by Frazer Harrison

Ellen DeGeneres was so enamored with Elias, that she later tweeted that it was “one of the most memorable interviews” she had ever done.

Elias is a child prodigy. According to the Davidson Institute, a child prodigy is a special form of giftedness. The prodigy typically develops a specialized interest in an area, such as music, art or mathematics, at a very early age and develops the refined skills of an adult before they reach the age of 10.

While some prodigies are self-taught, others, like Elias, discover their calling when introduced to their area of interest by others. Elias’ mom introduced both Elias and Zion to the piano when they were three. Elias soon developed a drive to play and perform. This drive is characteristic of child prodigies, too. Child prodigies typically develop a driving passion for their area of expertise, which develops into a life-long pursuit.

Gifted children, on the other hand, often develop several areas of interest and may drop one pursuit to take up another equally challenging task. Gifted children may excel above their peers in many areas, while falling short of the drive and passion the child prodigy possesses.

While no one knows for sure why some children, like Elias, come into the world with a skillset that appears to be pure natural talent and others do not, these children often leave their mark on the world by pursuing their interest into adulthood and making significant contributions to the field.

What contributions Elias will make to the world is yet unknown, but if this young man chooses to pursue his passion and talent for playing the piano, we can be sure we haven’t seen the last of child prodigy Elias Phoenix.

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