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Child predator identified as Iowa teen

Kraigen Grooms: Child sexual predator
Kraigen Grooms: Child sexual predator
Ottumwa Post

The young man who videotaped himself molesting an African American baby has been identified and apprehended. Kraigen Grooms, 17, of Ottumwa, Iowa was arrested Wednesday and charged with Sexual Abuse in the Second Degree. He will be tried as an adult for his disgusting crime, as he should be.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was investigating this crime after coming across the video. The issued a press release earlier this week, asking for the public's help to identify the John Doe in the video. A tip from someone just like you, who knew him, led authorities to Grooms and likely saved many future victims he may have had.

It is mind-blowing that the perpetrator was only 16 at the time he committed this vile act, still technically a child himself. What would possess him to do such a thing? Do you think this young man can be rehabilitated and be released back into society a safe person? It's likely he will be sentenced to prison time, but then what? Would you still consider him a danger?

Hopefully the young age of his victim will work in her favor, not allowing her to remember the atrocities committed agains her. With any luck, she will grow up completely fine and lead a full life. But if she doesn't, this man holds a good portion of the blame.