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Child hunters: 11 y/o girl shoots and kills cougar, animal followed brother home

A cougar is shot by a young girl outside home
A cougar is shot by a young girl outside home
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A pair of child hunters is topping strange news headlines today after an 11-year-old girl shot and killed a female cougar after the starving animal followed her brother, only 14 years old, all the way to their Twisp, Washington, home. Due to a threatening increase in cougar activity in the local area, the family has a special allowance to use guns against these animals should they venture too close, and only recently did the girl’s other 9-year-old brother also stalk and kill a cougar. UPI News reports this Friday, Feb. 28, 2014, that the animal was taken down with a rifle only 10 feet away from the family’s doorstep.

It’s not every day that a child is forced to slay a big hunting cat, but an 11-year-old girl hailing from Wash. Was forced to shoot and kill a female cougar that was trailing her brother back home. Officials have stated that it’s relatively rare for one of these animals to go after humans, but the female cougar in question was clearly starving.

“This cougar was very, very skinny,” Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officer Cal Treser said to a local news station. “She was about 4 years old and should have weighed about 100 pounds, but she was only 40 or 50 pounds,” he said. “It was starving to death.”

The underweight animal was following the 14-year-old brother (Tanner White) when he managed to make it home and tell his sister what happened. It was then that the 11-year-old girl, Shelby White, took her father’s rifle from the house, proceeding to shoot and kill the animal roughly 10 feet away from her with a single shot.

The animal death marks the third cougar to be fatally taken out in the Twisp area within the week. An alarming rise of cougar activity has been cited in the area, so these child hunters — the White siblings — have been given special permission via a legal tag to allow her to kill any of the animals that pose a threat.

Another of the three cougars that was killed in the Wash. Region was in fact shot and slain by her 9-year-old brother earlier this week, Coby. Tracks were located near the house, so the young boy hunted the animal down to a local hillside and shot the 120-pound big cat.

Though it may be strange news, talk about a daring family of young hunters.

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