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Child drowns on Norwegian Cruise Line vacation

Norwegian Cruise
Norwegian Cruise
Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

In shocking news a child upon a Norwegian Cruise Line vacation actually ended up drowning. On Feb. 3, UPI shared the news about the child who was found in an adult pool and ended up dying after they were unable to revive them. They do not have lifeguards on the ships and you are expected to watch your child yourself.

They actually pulled two children out of the pool. One of them survived and one did not make it. The ship was going from New York down to Florida when this happened. The emergency medical team did respond to try to save the child and they also had the U. S. Coast Guard fly the older child to a treatment center to get help. The younger child died on board the ship before they could even fly them anywhere for assistance.

Norwegian Cruise Line has been very open about the accident and even posted about it on their Facebook page. They are sending out their condolences to the family.