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Child border crisis debate ignores three U.S. policy causes, rights of child

The United States border crisis involving child refugees has prompted the Obama administration to launch a public relations campaign, neglecting to address, however, its three policies driving the human rights abuses and child refugees from south of the border.

Child refugees line hard floors like sardines under aluminum blankets
Real News

As tens of thousands of child refugees stream across the U.S.-Mexican border in hopes of amnesty, outraging conservatives, three policies related to the child refugee crisis prove the US, not the refugee victims, are to blame for the crisis resulting in extreme human rights violations, including rights of the child abuses. These three policies involve the U.S. terror training of Central American leaders at the School of the Americas, its immigration policy, and NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) that worsened poverty in Mexico, where children are fleeing.

Regardless of which set of facts one studies, United States policies are fueling both immigration crisis and violations of the Rights of the Child. Apparently, as part of President Barack Obama's PR effort to cover up these abusive U.S. policies, Vice President Joe Biden is heading this week to Guatemala to coordinate a regional response with Central American leaders, officials said. The White House has just announced it is seeking $160 million in new funds from Congress to help swiftly process young immigrants. This is fueling even more conservatives' outrage over border issues.

Indeed, this humanitarian crisis has become exorbitant - in both human misery and monetary terms. Thus far, neither the left nor the right, however, are adequately addressing root causes of the crisis: US policies. Neither band aid solutions, public relations campaigns, nor rage will alter the number of children fleeing their homes south of the border due to US policies.

Three U.S. Policies Driving Child Refugee Root Causes

Are American citizens unwittingly supporting the child refugee crisis by allowing US policy in Central American countries causing it – and then complaining about the result: refugees fleeing brutal regimes in their home countries?

US School of the Americas terror training policy: The video report above urges considering to address one major root of the problem: a policy involving the School of the Americas (SOA), where the US military trains Central American leaders of countries these children are fleeing.

Central American leaders are professionally trained in torture, brutal assassinations and other terror tactics at Fort Benning Georgia. Widely know as the School of the Assassins, it changed it’s tarnished name to WHINSEC, but not its terror training. Most people still call it SOA.

The U.S. military training school is dedicated teaching new terrorists to commit war crimes of torture, disappearing and assassinating. This violence so extreme, it is driving children to flee - many even with parental blessings and opposing the SOA is considered a high form of patriotism. Consistently, however, the SOA is ignored as a root cause of undocumented child immigration/refugees and it is omitted in the debate.

[See: SOA/WHINSEC dissent a high form of patriotism, Dupré, D., Examiner, June 28, 2009]

"The School of the Americas has left a trail of blood and suffering in every country where its graduates have returned," says SOA Watch founder Father Roy Bourgeois. "SOA graduates overthrew the democratically elected president of Honduras in 2009 and are involved in the current repression campaign against the pro-democracy movement in that country.

"It is up to people of conscience to stand up to the injustice and to call for an end to the violence."

[See: (video) Learn how US oppresses Latinos so they cross border at On The Line screening]

Founders of the most powerful criminal gang in America and the world, Los Zetas, the Mexico-based cartel, were trained with U.S. funds for "special forces" at Fort Benning's SOA/WHINSEC and Fort Bragg. This training is transferable to other people so they can learn to conduct terror tactics called "counter-insurgency" techniques.

[See: US military trained Mex drug cartel ops, Dupré, D., Examiner, October 26, 2010]

US Immigration policy: The child refugees are subjected to President Barack Obama’s ”ship and dump” immigration policy (as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer calls it). In turn, the abusive US immigrant and refugee deportations are fueling Central American gang warfare, in turn causing children to flee their homelands south of the border, according to former Sen. Alfredo Gutierrez in an interview last week.

This week, MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow spoke with Gutierrez about the surge of undocumented migrant children, and U.S. laws linked to Central America’s violent gang culture. He said the US immigration policy is fueling gang violence. Media, especially conservative media, is quick to blame President Barack Obama for an immigration crisis that began long ago.

"Almost half of the world’s forcibly displaced people are children and many spend their entire childhood far from home," the UN Refugee Agency reports. "Whether refugees, internally displaced, asylum-seekers or stateless, children are at a greater risk of abuse, neglect, violence, exploitation, trafficking or forced military recruitment. They may also have witnessed or experienced violent acts and/or been separated from their families."

A Honduras teacher told Fox News this week that she’s witnessed fear of violence. When Kelley Blakslee accepted a position as a teacher at an international school in San Pedro, Honduras she didn’t know she was moving to the "murder capitol of the world." Violence there began long before the Obama regime.

Daily, Blakslee sees effects of the drug and gang violence surge in Honduras. ”Violence that some claim is to blame for the recent wave of children traveling to the U.S. alone. Her students are from wealthier family and fear kidnappings; they arrive to school every day with armed guards. Her school is also protected by guards as well.” (FOX)

“There are places that you don’t want to go, and there are places that are fine and it’s like here in the states - I wouldn’t go by myself, you have to be more cautious and aware of your surroundings,” said Blasklee.

She said Honduras is surrounded by poverty. That's where FOX left the story – failing to report why countries south of the border are poverty stricken, including namely Mexico where half the child immigrants are from, and where poverty has surged since the United States pushed NAFTA.

Historically, most unaccompanied children caught crossing the border were Mexicans. Those apprehended crossing into the US can be immediately “returned” to Mexico, regardless of their age. This year, a projected 17,350 or so unaccompanied Mexican children will be apprehended by Border Patrol agents. Very few of those minors will be housed in the US.

Central American children have joined the struggle, almost doubling the size of the problem. Meanwhile, too few are discussing the Rights of the Child.

US NAFTA Policy: “I experience it every day, leaving the school grounds. There are kids all over in the streets,” Blasklee said. ”You’ll see kids asleep on the streets, actually more kids than adults which is heartbreaking. That’s how large it is, there’s the upper crust and then there’s a really large gap in the middle.”

Poverty is rampant in Central America and Mexico, where half the unaccompanied child refugees are from. But isn’t poverty the injustice NAFTA was supposed to alleviate in Mexico?

A look at documented facts reveals NAFTA has been a dangerous hoax played on conservative Americans and their neighbors south of the border. When NAFTA was passed, progressives justifiably feared the worst. The results have indeed been disastrous:

  • The trade deficit with Mexico exploded
  • Mexican wages remain nearly as low as before NAFTA and still a small fraction of our average wages
  • Wealth and power has not filtered to the people. Most of Mexico is still controlled by fewer than 100 corporations there.
  • Many American trading partners relocated facilities to Mexico to circumvent other trade agreements with the U.S.
  • American manufacturing lost millions of jobs in the past 19 years as U.S. companies have moved to Mexico for lower wages and lax regulations, thus the maquiladora violent crisis.

“Imagine if Congress decided a single state, such as California or Michigan, was in desperate need of jobs and investment and made dramatic changes to boost that state’s economy,” urges Thomas Heffner for The Economy In Crisis.

He urges Americans to imagine that Congress did the following for only one state in the United States:

  • Dropped minimum wage to $3 per hour
  • Exempted it from child labor laws
  • Expanded the work week
  • Reduced health and work place safety laws
  • Banned unions
  • Reduced protection for the environment

Heffner says in his analogy, “On top of this, the companies residing in this state would still have duty-free access to all the others states. In other words, companies in this state could produce at a fraction of the cost of other states, yet would be able to sell directly to all other 49 states and compete at no additional cost.” (Emphasis added)

“What would you think of that?” he asks. ”You and the other 49 states might agree that this was absolutely ridiculous! But this is exactly what is happening right now with NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).

Commenter’s Humanitarian Solution

“On the basis of the one-sided disastrous results over the past 15 years, whoever advocated NAFTA seems to be either grossly negligent in their duty of representing their constituents or is deliberately working against the best interest of this country,” Heffner writes.

Blaming the victim, however, has become a favorite American pastime, as much so as using what comedian John Oliver this week called “undocumented opinions” in the child refugee border crisis debate, two easy ways for racists to ignore facts and support their personal human rights abuse ideology.

Instead, one Before It’s News reader, Tina912, has a different idea, one that reflects the true American spirit, one based on human rights, including the rights of the child.

“What are they doing with these children?” Tina asks. “Is there some kind of program setup to fast track people to be allowed to take these children into their homes as a new type of foster parents? That way they would not overload the foster parents they already have in place. These children have special needs, green card issues, our customs. etc...

“I know if I’m thinking this and would love the info to act upon, many others out there must be thinking the same thing. This is what makes America the great country she is, even is she is a little tarnished right now! Some of us will get together and help when help is needed, while others will take care of the details to fix the issue. We all pitch in to do what we are best at, together we become one, united!”

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