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Child actor Arielle Watts loves her film role as Orchid (Photos)

On June 22, 2014, young actress Arielle Watts, 10, shared about her upcoming role as Orchid Lancaster in a film about Ponce de Leon called "The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon." The film will be shot in Florida's Lee and Collier counties. Recently shot was a film-related video of which Arielle was a part of.

Arielle Watts
Arielle Watts
Arielle Watts, Photo: Earl Kimel, used with permission by Richard Watts
Arielle Watts
Arielle Watts with group on film set, Photo: Courtesy, used with permission

From June 20-22 an incentive video was shot in Naples, Sanibel and Marco Island. Arielle was on set and ready for her part of the video project. Her role included sharing about her role as Orchid. was able to visit on set for most of a day, and was honored to observe any and all film set activities. One of the main observances was that of Arielle. Unlike some of the other actors, Arielle, younger than most of the others' shoes, was quite calm.

When she wasn't working, she was settled in either reading a book or using her ipad. Seated near the current active set she had to be quiet. She was.

When not quietly waiting, she was in and out of makeup, hair and wardrobe without any reminders, and came back to "her seat," waiting to be told when it was her turn to go on set.

For those who do not know, "hurry up and wait" is a key ingredient on TV and movie sets, and that is not always easy for anyone, especially children. But this ten year old took it in her stride.

On set, Arielle shared what it's like to be on the film set.

"I'm having fun, a lot of fun. I like my roll. My scene, in the video, explains who my character is, which is exactly like me! As me, I will talk about my film character."

One reason for Arielle's actions might be her background. When did you first act?

"I started acting when I was five years old. My first role was a principal one as Queen Cabbage in a first grade play called 'How does your garden grow?' After that I was in a 1930s film study video playing Myra Daniels. That video was a five minute clip, and I had a main speaking role."

What training or experiences in acting have you had since then?

"When I was seven I attended a drama workshop outside Atlanta, Ga. We wrapped it up with a play called 'Toy Story.' My role was as a puzzle piece that talked. At eight, I played Lucy in 'Tis the Season Charlie Brown' with the Marco Island Players Theatre, and at age nine I read the role of Orchid Lancaster in the feature film, and now at ten I will soon play that part. Some might think that is a long time to wait, but that, waiting, is sometimes part of show biz!"

Also, according to Arielle, she has been learning to play the guitar, likes to sing, swim and of course act.

"I like all kinds of acting. However, I think I like stage acting the best. The audience is close!"

Thanks go to Arielle Watts. Enjoy her and more in the slideshow and on websites. Arielle, concerning your upcoming film role, break a leg!

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