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Child abduction video angers many

A video that shows a staged kidnapping is causing a lot of turmoil, and Marc Klaas, President of the Klaas Kids Foundation who was on the Today show on Friday is very mad about it.

Jason and Jeremy Holden
Permission Jason Holden

Klaas called it an "irresponsible and immature antics of a couple of no taste pranksters," in a statement on the Klaas website.

Evidently, the team that produced the video is TwinzTv also known as Jason and Jeremy Holden. They have 11 other videos on their YouTube channel from Funniest Prank Robbery to Funny Prank Farting on Public.

In the video, we see Jason in a ski mask grabbing a child from a park bench and carrying them to their car and driving off. They come back shortly afterwards to explain, but a group of woman, verbally let them have it for scaring the heck of of them. Jason is even heard telling the police officer they didn't realize people would get so upset and was apologetic.

They state in the description on YouTube the video is meant to prevent and to show how real an abduction can be, but Klaas stated that, "there is no viable benefits to this prank unless they are suggesting that we shouldn't take children to parks, or that they should be on leashes like dogs."

I contacted Jason Holden, one of the brothers that is responsible for filming the video and he sent me an email back:

"Ya, I just took a look at it and you no there's a lot of people that look at it in a negative way but there's also a lot of people backing us up and saying that a positive thing can come from this. It's not at all a kidnapped reenactment video it's an awareness video. Obviously the way we did it doesn't happen but the point to get across was you can be sitting there on your phone texting not watching your child, too busy on your Facebook, or even going to the bathroom and within 5 to 10 seconds of you not paying attention your kid can be gone. It has nothing to do with whether we were wearing a ski mask or not, people just need to look at the overall outcome in a positive way instead of worry about what our intentions were and how we went about it."

So, what is your take on it. Do you support the Holden brothers or Klaas?

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