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CHIKARA ‘You Only Live Twice’ results and recap

Chikara: You Only Live Twice
Chikara: You Only Live Twice
Photo from CHIKARA Twitter

CHIKARA returned after almost a year of inactivity with their new Internet pay-per-view “You Only Live Twice” on Sunday night. The event was announced on Professional Wrestling Day when the stars of CHIKARA showed up to reveal that they were returning. Here is the CHIKARA “You Only Live Twice” results and recap.

Just to catch people up, CHIKARA is a wrestling promotion that specializes in heroes vs. villains, known in the professional wrestling circles as technicos (heroes) and rudos (villains), which are Lucha Libre terms. The very last big CHIKARA event saw upper management shut the event down in the middle of the main event and say the promotion was dead. That happened on June 2, 2013. Now, one year later, CHIKARA is back.

The show opened with a six-man tag team match. The match saw The Spectral Envoy take on BDK. Ares, Nokken and Tursas of BDK attacked before the match could get underway and ended up getting the win over Ultramantis Black, Hallowicked, and Frightmare. Ares pinned Frightmare for the win.

Indie star Chuck Taylor was up next against Ashley Remington. While Taylor has been around for awhile, Remington is a newcomer to CHIKARA after wrestling on the indies as Dalton Castle. This was his chance to make his mark and Remington actually picked up the big win over Taylor.

After this, the CHIKARA return was explained when Robbie Ellis came out. He bought CHIKARA at an auction last year and he brought out the new Director of Fun, Mike Quackenbush. This is a big deal since Quackenbush is the founder of the wrestling promotion.

Another six-man match followed with The Batiri taking on Sinn Bodhi and the Odditorium. This was a match that was part of the return angle with The Batiri representing CHIKARA and fighting Bodhi, who helped shut down an event by a CHIKARA sister promotion. The Odditorium turned in a great performance, but The Battiri won by disqualification thanks to Bodhi cheating. For those who don’t know, Sin Bodhi wrestled in the WWE as Kizarny.

Juan Francisco de Coronado beat Jervis Cottonbelly in the next match when he turned Cottonbelly’s mask around and hit a German suplex. The next match was a huge dour corner elimination match. The teams were 3.0, Pieces of Hate, GEKIDO and The Throwbacks. Since a tag team needs three back-to-back wins to qualify for a title match, one team could earn that in this one match. Pieces of Hate are already the champions.

Jigsaw of Pieces of Hate and 17 from GEKIDO got a double pin over 3.0 for the first elimination. Dasher Hatfield pinned deviant to eliminate GEKIDO, meaning no team would earn the points in this match to qualify for a title shot. Mr. Touchdown got the final pin over The Shard to win the match for The Throwbacks. That gave The Throwbacks two points, so they need to win their next match to get a title shot.

Jimmy Jacobs of Ring of Honor was revealed at Pro Wrestling Day as the man leading the rudos in shutting down the CHIKARA sister promotion shows. He fought in the next match against Archibald Peck, who was rescued by 3.0 using the Delorean after being sent back in time in a match against Eddie Kingston. Peck is also known as R.D. Evans in Ring of Honor. Jacob’s rudos partners got involved and he beat Peck.

Up next was a major battle of the ants. The Colony (Green Ant, Fire Ant and Worker Ant) took on The Colony: Xtreme Force (Missile Assault Ant, Orbit Adventure Ant and Arctic Rescue Ant). This is an older story too, as Soldier Ant, Green Ant and Fire Ant used to be a team until former Director of Fun Wink Vavasseau broke them up and removed Soldier Ant from the team. The Colony is for CHIKARA and Xtreme is with Jimmy Jacobs. Xtreme won this match.

The main event has been called a one year in the making match with Eddie Kingston defending his CHIKARA Grand Championship against Icarus, the man who has been the face of resurrecting CHIKARA since it was shut down. Kingston had not aligned with Jimmy Jacobs or CHIKARA in the battle and called CHIKARA dead. Icarus won the CHIKARA Grand Championship when he made Kingston pass out in the CHIKARA Special.

After the show ended, the Internet pay-per-view went off the air. However, the feed came back on with three hooded individuals coming to the ring. The first was Delirious, who immediately attacked Ultramantis Black. The second was Soldier Ant, who attacked his former Colony partners. The third was a mysterious giant of a man, who hit Kobald with a giant choke slam and the new faction left the ring. That marked the end of the CHIKARA “You Only Live Twice” return.

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