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CHIKARA Pro Wrestling returns at ‘National Pro Wrestling Day’ event

CHIKARA returns at National Pro Wrestling Day
CHIKARA returns at National Pro Wrestling Day

Most wrestling fans know about the WWE and TNA Impact Wrestling and others might know about Ring of Honor. However, the bigger independent promotions are something that only hardcore fans have great knowledge of and one of the most iconic of these is CHIKARA Pro Wrestling. According to PWS, CHIKARA made its return on Feb. 1 at the National Pro Wrestling Day show.

For fans who don’t know what CHIKARA is about, the report of their return might seem very puzzling.

CHIKARA Pro (with the first word always in full capital letters) is a wrestling promotion based in Philadelphia that specializes in the lucha libre style of wrestling, both in their moves and the storylines. What that means is that there are actual heroes and villains, masks are used by many wrestlers, and unique gimmicks are prevalent.

To put it simply, CHIKARA Pro is more about creating fantastical stories that puts their heroes in danger from the promotion’s villains. Many of the stories include comic book styled elements with some heroes and villains actually possessing magical or superhero powers. It is a unique, and polarizing, style of entertainment.

In June 2013, the main event of the CHIKARA anniversary card was stopped by security with the new owners of the company. They declared they were shutting down CHIKARA and ended the show on the spot. There has not been a CHIKARA show since that time, although some CHIKARA affiliated promotions have continued operating.

Lately, a group of villains have been showing up at the affiliate shows and attacking wrestlers and shutting down those promotions as well. At National Pro Wrestling Day, the main event from the Wrestling is Heart promotion, a CHIKARA affiliate. Dr. Cube and the villains came in and interrupted the event and said they were shutting down National Pro Wrestling Day.

However, a pair of old CHIKARA wrestlers, the Submission Squad, came out and stood up to them, only to get beaten down. It turned out that Ring of Honor star Jimmy Jacobs was leading the villains, but then a large number of CHIKARA wrestlers showed up, led by their biggest hero Icarus as well as the Colony.

A brawl broke out with everyone fighting all over the arena, and that is when the side doors of the arena opened and the Delorean from “Back to the Future” showed up. The tag team 3.0 came out of it with Archibald Peck with them. See Peck was a character who lost a match last year to Eddie Kingston when he was hit so hard by an elbow that he was sent back and lost in time.

3.0 went back in time in Delorean and found Peck, bringing him back to the present to help them in their battle. This was a huge shock for the villains, since Peck has also traveled to the future and knows what will happen, giving him an advantage when fighting his opposition.

That is CHIKARA Pro Wrestling.

The big moment at the end came when Icarus came into the ring with a sign that he held up to the camera with the date “5/25/14” written on it, the date that CHIKARA Pro Wrestling is expected to rise from the grave.

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