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Chihuahua saved when police officer sees her being dragged by car

Officer Michael Carlina was on patrol when he saw the little Chihuahua in the street with the other end of the least attached to a car
Victor 'Buddy' Amato, Monmouth County SPCA

A tiny Chihuahua named Roxy may be alive only because of the quick eyes of police officer Michael Carlino of Highlands, NJ, on Friday night according to an article posted yesterday on the Asbury Park Press.

Monmouth County law enforcement officer Victor “Buddy” Amato told the Asbury Park Press that the owner of the dog, Keith Guastamacchia, said he stopped to let Roxy go potty, and tied the leash to the door of his car. While he was waiting for Roxy to do her business, he apparently got into an argument on his cell phone.

The article does not say what the argument was about, but apparently it caused Guastamacchia to forget Roxy was still tied to the car, and he got in the car and drive off.

Officer Carlino saw the dog in the road, with her leash still attached to the car, and immediately intervened.

Guastamacchia has been charged with animal cruelty. Roxy's injuries were "significant" according to the article, and she was taken to a local veterinarian for treatment.

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